Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

God's Awesome Ways

November 12, 2017
Phil Schaefer
Exodus 32


Do you see God as Awesome?Many of us read the Old Testament looking for the moral of the story, or looking for how we should or should not behave. It seems that in much of the Old Testament there is a lot of failure. And we tend to read it as to how can I avoid the pitfalls that these guys fell into. The story literally shows all the ins and outs of our thinking about God, and our emotions, and our misbehaviors. It could be an example of our daily life: I’m close to God, I’ve lost track of God, I love people, I am so angry I could kill (fill in blank), don’t blame me.What is Moses doing?He is willing to take his place alongside the condemned, alongside the worst of sinners, alongside the unfaithful. Blot me out of your book. Rom.3:21: But now a righteousness of God apart from the Law is revealed – what does it say – being witnessed by the Law & the prophets, it is the righteousness that comes by God.This is the revelation of the story.This is the work of God & it is truly awe-creating.This is a powerful work of God which only he can do in our hearts.

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