Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

Advent 2017
On Christmas, A Savior Is Born for You
December 24, 2017 - Clay Spencer
Why did God come, and why did He come with such little celebration or parade? It seems backwards to us that God, the King of the universe, would come without a party or a coronation, but God seems to not care nearly as much about the things that mankind cares about. We also seem to not care very much about the things that are important to God. On Christmas night, those many years ago, Jesus turned the world upside down. He turned all of our preconceptions on their head, and He began a work, a work even within our very hearts, that was brand new. The truth is that Jesus came for us. Watch or listen as Pastor Clay explains.
Receiving Christ This Christmas
December 24, 2017 - Michael Acock
Luke 1: 26-38; Luke 2: 34-38
On Christmas, Jesus, the Son of God, became real flesh, human without giving up His relationship with God the Father. This shouldn't be possible. For on one side of Jesus, there is the Triune life of God with its purity, joy, righteousness and relationship, and on the other side, there is mankind with it's hiding, shame, brokenness, corruption, disease and perversion. So how could this be? Jesus has brought healing to mankind, and he has tied our, mankind's, destiny to His. In this Christmas Eve sermon, watch or listen as Pastor Mike Acock teaches on how we can receive Christ's healing in our own busy lives this Christmas holiday.
Getting Into The Spirit at Christmas
December 17, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
Luke 1:39-50
How are you choosing to get into the Christmas Spirit, capital S, this season? We have choices between the consumer-oriented version of Christmas and the various parties and family events we'll all attend. In this week's message Pastor Phil digs into the true meaning of Christmas and how we can celebrate the Christmas Story with ourselves and our family.
Advent Begins in Darkness
December 03, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
Malachi 4: 4-6
What is Advent? In the first sermon of the Advent season, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on how Advent is a season of preparation. Preparation for what you may ask? The remembrance of the coming of Jesus, yes, but it is also a time to remember that Jesus is coming again. When we ask, "Where is God? Why do so many bad things happen? Has God abandoned us? Is God real? Is he true to His word?", we can remember that Jesus is coming again. He is coming to meet us in those questions. As Pastor Phil was told years ago, " is not your Word. It is God's Word, and God will be faithful to his Word." If you trying to find hope in despair this Christmas season, we hope this sermon is a gift that helps you see some light in the midst of darkness.