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A Momentous Move

A Momentous Move

October 07, 2018
Phil Schaefer
Joshua 1:3


Bold Faith - When we look at the story of God's people, we see there are moments when God leads momentous moves, and we believe that our church is on the doorstep of our own move. In today's sermon, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on why we, our church are building a new church. Even Pastor Phil has asked himself if this is insane, and as others have asked him why we are doing this, the answer that he as to obey is this: God told us to make this move. At every stage of our history, God has put the next moves in front of us. It's been - "Here is your next move. Are you willing to take it? Here is a need. Are you willing to meet it?" Christian Fellowship, us as a group, hasn't been the driving force behind this; the Holy Spirit has been pushing this forward in his way, in his time, and he is who we are following. We are on a journey - a spiritual/physical/material journey following God. We have always been on a journey, and if we are to remain a thriving church, as a people known as Christian Fellowship, we must continue to be on a journey all our days. Your faith is not just about you; your faith is about the people of God. Phil was discussing this topic with people recently, and he blurted out: "We are doing this because it is a matter of life and death for us as a church." Phil didn't know where it came from, but he realized that we as a church cannot settle. If we do, our congregation will grow old and diminish. None of us can avoid growing old, but no church can afford to settle. This will not be Christian Fellowship's story. There are countless Momentous Moves in the Bible that changed the trajectory, the story of God's people in that time. They were bold and scary. Life and death are in the balance. How do they relate to our story? God is giving us a story that is about faith, boldness, risk - stepping into the unknown to see what God will do. God is not going to answer all our questions beforehand. Faith, by its nature, never has the answer ahead of time. This is why the Bible says, "Fear not" so often. These Momentous Moves are the kind of moves that shape your life on a larger scale. It can look irrational and dangerous, and yet, it changes the whole trajectory of a person's life - not just a person, but a people. We are the people of God in this day. We are a people being prepared for a Momentous Move. It is not just about a building. It is about building (a verb). It is about stepping into what God has put in front of us, stepping into needs and meeting them, being future directed so that we do not settle and die.

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