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Oneness and Racial Unity
September 30, 2018 - Nathan Buxman
The world will know God is real when the people of God are in loving, interdependent, connected, loving relationships with one another. God has always been in relationship, the trinity is our model relationship.Since the fall, oppression and injustice are status quo for our world. We see this brokenness in our many aspects of our lives today. Some examples are brokenness and oppression in employment and housing as well as infecting our justice system with racial bias.The solution is in Christ. We are all one in Christ Jesus. The uniform of Christ becomes our strongest identity. Christian baptism erases the power differentials.
Why I Love This Church
September 23, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Philippians 1:3-11
What is the Church? The church is a beautiful picture of faith, hope, and love.In the church we see a contrast of passion, God-stirred emotion, giving of oneself, and importance. As we live out our lives in the church we see a deep passion that is stirred in the depths of our souls. This passion represents a God-stirred emotion that motivates us to give of ourselves for others in our midst. We, as the Church, get the opportunity to enter into this passion.The church is an organism of faith, which is not stagnant but living and breathing. The Holy Spirit moves within us and keeps us active. Also, as an organism we are a group of people, not just individuals, who make up the Body of Christ.By stepping into the Body of Christ in the Church we become part of a beautiful picture of faith, hope, and love.Subscribe to watch our live streamed sermons, events and even our versions of talk shows. We live stream our sermons at around 9:50 am and 11:50 am every Sunday, and we hope you can join us here if not in person.
We Proclaim a Staggering Message
September 16, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Colossians 1: 19-22, 26-28
What is Christianity? Does it just teach the same truth as other religions? And who is Jesus?These are common questions, and Pastor Phil Schaefer talks on each of them and more in this sermon: "We Proclaim a Staggering Message" from Colossians 1:19-22.Christianity is not an offer or a presentation; what we are dealing with in the Bible is a proclamation that God has done something that has affected every person, everything in every corner of the world, in every place in time and every culture that has and will exist.Mohammed, Buddha, Joseph Smith are not all preached in the same way as Jesus. There is only one person of whom it is said, "In Him all the fullness of God dwells and was pleased to dwell (Colossians 1:19)." He was not just a moral teacher or holy man, and He is overall rulers that have been or will be. Christianity is the proclamation that God has taken up and filled up everything, all of creation, history, and fallen mankind, in His Son Jesus.We proclaim Jesus' person, death, judgment, triumph, saving arm, and finished work. Watch Pastor Phil teach how Christianity changes everything. How Christianity is not another religion leading to the same place or same truth, and it's not something we just do on Sunday's. Christianity declares that God has given Jesus the name above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Chris is Lord to the glory of God the Father.
A Reminder of the Wisdom of the Tithe
September 09, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Genesis 14: 19-20, Leviticus 27: 30, Malachi 3: 8-10,
Tithing may not make sense when you look at your bank account balance, but it is an act of trust and faith in God as your provider. The tithe comes from a heart of faith and faithfulness rather than any Old Testament or New Testament law.In this sermon, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on tithing, and he says that giving a tithe is a response to what God has put in your heart for the ministry of your local church. Your faithfulness in tithing will allow the local church to fulfill all the ministries to which it is connected.Designated offerings are above and beyond the tithe and can be given to a specific thing.Our general attitude toward handling our money is based on one of two positions: Scarcity (we believe we will never have enough) or Abundance (we believe God is our provider). Remember that giving is a response to the grace of God over your life.We hope that this sermon encourages you to know God more in a local church community of your own.
The Gospel Applied by the Holy Spirit in Community
September 02, 2018 - Donnie Berry
Ephesians 3 : 7-19; 4 : 11-16
Everyone wants to grow. We want to be better, and we want to stop being stuck in our faults and mess. We want to be changed. In today's sermon, Pastor Donnie Berry teaches on what it looks like to Grow in the second part of our Grow sermon series. We all have the longing for something more and be transformed, and Jesus tells us that He's the answer. That we can find fullness of life in Jesus. He is how we can grow. We become like him, and we grow into the fullness of Christ through the Gospel, applied by the Holy Spirit, in Community.What is the gospel? We turn to the Bible in Ephesians 3 to find out from the Apostle Paul. We see that the Gospel is Jesus Himself. We understand the gospel more by becoming more like Jesus. How does this happen? The Holy Spirit makes us grow more like Jesus when we open the door to Him, and this happens best in real Christian community (or family).This all boils down to this. Growing is not about a list of disciplines, classes, spiritual practices, or other behavior; it's not about being able to compare ourselves to others. Growth looks like this: Christ becomes bigger to us. He is what we're pursuing together.
Spiritual Belonging and Spiritual Learning
August 26, 2018 - Michael Acock
1 Corinthians 12
Grow: It is what living things do. In the first sermon on "Grow," Pastor Michael Acock teaches about spiritual formation and how that relates to belonging. Spiritual discipline is more about God forming us instead of us working to change ourselves. We are not "forming ourselves;" we are being formed. We are simply "making ourselves available for God to that work of transforming grace in our lives." We so badly want to take control of our spiritual lives, and it goes against our nature to let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting of making us more like Jesus. This change takes place in relationship with Jesus and with the church. In our relationship with the church, we can be tempted to disqualify ourselves with self-doubt, or we can be tempted to dismiss those who seem unimportant to us. But we are called to be a body, a group, that is united and diverse. God gave us one another with different talents. Yet, all of these gifts are the most powerful when practiced with love. This is the better way because the church is relational before it is functional. In order to see this played out, we can't be separated from God's people, and we want to create an atmosphere where people can know they belong. Watch this sermon and the video at the end to see what this looks like at Christian Fellowship.
How Do We Express Christian Hope?
August 19, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
2 Corinthians 4 : 14
The Christian hope lies beyond man's imagination. It's not something that we could have made up; it's too good to be true. It doesn't make logical sense. In this sermon, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches how Jesus' resurrection is a guarantee for the eventual fullness of joy. All our deepest longings have been placed there by God, and while this life's pleasures will never truly satisfy those longings, there is something that will. We've been designed as creatures for those longings to be met.  Maybe that promise isn't fulfilled in this life, but it is coming.This hope isn't simply wishful thinking. Christian hope teaches us how to live in this world not only as it is but as it should be, and it means we're not supposed to leave the world simply as it is. Our lives should make an impact.In his book Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis presents three types of hopes. Two of these types of hope are found to be disappointing, but the third hope Lewis says is worth it.So, are you despairing? Do you think your faith doesn't matter? Then watch or listen to this sermon to hear how there is true satisfaction in Christ.
Pray Like This: The Lord's Prayer
August 12, 2018 - Donnie Berry
Matthew 6: 9-13
What is the Lord's Prayer? This is one of the most common Bible passages ever recited by Christians and the Church, and in this sermon, Pastor Donnie Berry helps us understand what we're praying when we say the Lord's Prayer found in Matthew 6: 9 -13.This is how Jesus taught us to pray, and these aren't simple words to be recited without understanding or care. These words are powerful. We can pray the Lord's prayer when we don't know how to pray, and these words should shape all of our prayers.We can pray the Lord's prayer in every aspect of our lives, and it also helps change our hearts to know God more deeply. The Lord's prayer helps us know who God is.Pastor Donnie asks us to learn the Lord's prayer, not because of a duty but so that you could know God better and more personally for yourself.
Wrestling Against Sin
August 05, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Ephesians 12:6
What is sin? That's the question Pastor Phil Schaefer talks about in today's sermon.Christianity's message does not begin with sin. No, it begins with grace and mercy, but sin is a huge theme in the Bible. GK Chesterton said: "Original Sin is the only Christian doctrine that is empirically verifiable." The irony is that we still refuse to see sin. The Old Testament in the Bible leaves us feeling helpless and sometimes even depressed, but we're supposed to read the Old Testament that way. We are helpless against sin. That goes for everyone; there's no one who gets a hall pass on it.Even if we refuse to admit we have sin and all sort of wrongs in our lives, we only need to read today's headlines to see that sin is alive and well in everyone. It's a force that's more than simply breaking rules. Sin is revealed in our discontentment, jealousy, laziness, lying, bad attitude, judging, speeding, unkindness, hatred, impatience, and any other vices.So where does sin leave us? Are we just stuck? No! Jesus has rescued us by his blood on the cross. God's Word is stronger than sin, and His Word will not return void. The paradox is that the knowledge of sin is only given to those who've begun to know God's mercy and grace. For all who call upon the Lord shall be saved.
The Holy Spirit and Virtue (or Virtue with Teeth)
July 29, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Proverbs 1: 2-4
What is a virtue? How do you become a virtuous person? Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on how we can be virtuous in our own lives. Learn about what the cardinal virtues: prudence, moderation, justice, and fortitude. Pastor Phil helps define each of these cardinal virtues, but he also helps break down what they mean for us as Christians.These virtues actually apply to our supernatural destiny. Virtue is a way to align ourselves with heaven; however, this is not something that should overwhelm us as something we have to do on our own. These virtues don't come naturally to us after all.Pastor Phil reminds us that virtue is something the Holy Spirit is putting in us. God is doing a work in us; so, while we should aim to be virtuous, God is ultimately the one installing these things in us. We can be confident in this.