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Easter Sunday 2018 - Finding Forgiveness
April 01, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Ephesians 1:10
On Good Friday, we had to ask, "What was God doing?" On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Phil Schaefer speaks on entering the Easter story for ourselves. The Bible reveals that mankind cannot know God without sinning, but Jesus' death and resurrection brings the entire story into focus. That's where we start. When Jesus died on the cross, something had radically changed. Jesus was bringing the entire world into his arms. In His arms, all our activity (our jobs, our relationships, our eating, our fun, our sadness, and everything in between) is found in the kingdom of God. Today, Pastor Phil invites us to enter the Easter story for ourselves.
Jesus the King Who Brings Peace
March 25, 2018 - Mike Acock
John 12: 12-15, Mark 11: 1-11, Matthew 27: 1-2, 11-50
As we prepare our hearts for Easter on Palm Sunday, Pastor Mike leads us in reflecting on what Jesus came to bring. Where was Jesus going as He prepared to die on a cross? As we told Him He wasn't enough for us? He was bringing us peace. Watch to discover more on how Jesus was bringing us peace.
The Hinge of All History
March 18, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Psalm 52: 1-2
Does history matter? Does your story matter? In today's sermon, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on "The Hinge of All History." We often view the history of mankind with a sense of hopelessness, but Pastor Phil sees our story with a sense of hope. Why? Because Jesus is in the midst of it.
Signs and Shaping Faith
March 11, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
John 20: 30-31
Continuing in the series: Revelation and Mystery in the Gospel of John, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches from John 20: 30 -31. Did you know John lists 9 signs or miracles of Jesus? John picked these signs to so that we might believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and Pastor Phil helps us understand what each of these signs can teach us.
God Crossing the Divide
March 04, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
John 4: 4-26
Would you lay down your life for a muslim? For a bi-sexual person? For a transgender person? For a Democrat? For a Republican? For an illegal immigrant? For a God mocker? For the addict? Jesus did. Christianity is not indignation. Following Jesus is not about about judging those who are different; instead, Christianity should shock people in our willingness to talk to and engage anyone and everyone. Jesus engaged the judgmental and the "sinner" alike. There is hope for all in Christ, and this should give us hope. Watch to learn more about this hope.
Religion and the Gospel
February 25, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
What is religion? What is its purpose? What is it useful for? Is Christianity a religion among so many other religions but happens to be the right religion? If Christianity is different how is it different? How many times in your life have you said: God, I just don’t get you? I can’t figure you out. God, you are so frustrating? I have said this plenty often over my life. As you read the gospels there are quite a few - ‘God, I don’t get you moments’, so we are in good company. The story of Nicodemus is one of the best examples of this. Join Pastor Phil in today's sermon where he digs into the topics of Religion and The Gospel.
How Much Faith?
February 18, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
John 2
How much faith do you need to know that you believe in Jesus? What makes you a believer? What makes you an unbeliever? Pastor Phil Schaefer tackles these questions, and he believes that doubting works out real faith. He even believes that a church's maturity can be measured in how it accepts its struggles in faith as an important part of following Jesus. In fact, he argues that believing in Jesus is about trusting your present, past and future even in your doubting. Don't believe him? Watch for more on what makes a person a believer.
What Are You Seeking?
February 11, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
John 1: 35 - 50
What do you want in life? Or to put it differently, what's the meaning of life? Pastor Phil Schaefer shows how Jesus asks these questions in the book of John when he meets the disciples, and Pastor Phil declares that the Holy Spirit is asking you these same questions today. God is inviting us to come and see. Along these lines, Phil says that discipleship can be summed up in two words: "Follow Me." Now, you can question Jesus, you can doubt Jesus, you can challenge Jesus, you can debate Jesus, but you will not stop Jesus. He won't be outrun. You can run as far and as fast as you can, but Jesus will still be there waiting and asking, "What are you looking for?"
A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
February 04, 2018 - Michael Acock
John 1: 9-18
What does it mean to have spiritual disciplines? Is being faithful simply about reading our Bibles, praying, coming to church and checking another spiritual task off of our checklists? Pastor Mike Acock doesn't think so. Our lists tend to cause us to focus on ourselves and our sin, and ultimately, our report cards don't tend to change our behavior. Instead, Pastor Mike calls us to focus on Jesus and who we are in Him. In other words, being spiritually disciplined is about having a relationship with Jesus, for He has already checked off all of our boxes on our behalf. What does that look practically? Well, one example is our Senior Pastor, Phil Schaefer who we honored today for his 35 years of living out the faithfulness of God in our midst. We do honor Pastor Phil, but we more fully celebrate the faithfulness of God that he has shown through Pastor Phil and his wife, Deb's, lives. Watch the sermon for more on discovering God's faithfulness.
Revelation and Mystery in the Gospel of John
January 28, 2018 - Phil Schaefer
Ezekiel 1: 4-28
Have you ever wanted to know God better? To begin our new sermon series. Pastor Phil Schaefer talks from Ezekiel about the Gospel of John, and this has everything to do with knowing God. Ezekiel gets a revelation from God that is overwhelming. The Bible says this view into God's presence was 3x removed from seeing God, and yet, it's still awesome in the fullest meaning of the word. Pastor Phil compares it to the most hair raising, fear and laughter causing, take your breath away experience you ever had. Phil goes onto say that all of us will stand before God fully with nothing between us and Him, and that experience will pale with meeting God face to face. Phil gives us four reasons for why he is starting his sermon series this way: Phil wants us to approach this sermon series with seriousness that our very existence relies on how we perceive & approach Jesus. This gathering among ourselves - for worship, teaching, prayer, conversation - matters in our relationship to God. Phil wants us to lift God up so that all our doubts and fears are absorbed in him. He wants the knowledge of the destiny of our lives to shape our present. When we truly see God, we cannot help but be undone.