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To Know That We Know Him
June 18, 2017 - Clay Spencer
1 John 1:6
How can we know that we know God? That we have a personal relationship with God? Continuing in our series from 1st John, Pastor Clay Spencer, using a " on the street sort of view," teaches on how we can be more certain that we know God. Just knowing God is a miracle in itself, and whether we truly know God can sometimes leave us feeling unsure. However, the book of 1st John helps us find answers to this question. Pastor Clay helps us discover these answers.
The Joy of Confession
June 11, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
1 John 1:4 - 2:1
"The great paradox of true Christianity is that by acknowledging my sin I am living in the light...Jesus' grace for me becomes more gracious...the knowledge of sin [becomes] joyful Good News." What is confession to you? Do you see the knowledge of your sin as good news? In this sermon from our 1st John series, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches that confession can be and should be joyful for those who are in Christ, and confession is not only something we can do for just our own, personal sins but for our sins as God's Church. Listen for more on how "Confessing our sin[s] is one of the great comforts of true Christianity."
Pentecost Sunday
June 04, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
Acts 19:6
Pastor Phil continues his 1st John sermon series. Pentecost is the initial coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples as we read in Acts 2. It is considered the birth of the New Testament church. Christ is central to our salvation, but our salvation is totally Trinitarian. It is initiated by the Father, accomplished by the Son, and is the experienced reality of the Holy Spirit upon us. For Paul, the Holy Spirit constitutes the whole of the Christian life from beginning to end.
The Word of the Lord Stands Forever
May 28, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
1st John 2:1
"There is an importance to wrestling with how to communicate the Gospel in truth in a changing culture." In the book of 1st John, the apostle John spoke to his people (and to us) in the midst of cultural opposition, and in this sermon, Pastor Phil helps us see how this applies to how we speak truth to our culture today. Listen for more on how the Word of God can shape our outlook.
The Logos of Life
May 21, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
1 John 1:1-4; Revelation 19:12-13; Colossians 1:15-19
Pastor Phil continues our 1st John series this week with a sermon titled The Logos of Life. 1st John - like a number of other epistles - was written to counter certain false teachings that were unsettling and leading believers astray. The particular heresy was eventually known as Gnosticism. In 1 John 1:1-4 John sets a central diamond in place. What is the central diamond? The Word of Life.
Do You Know Him?
May 14, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
1 John 1:1-4
Do you know God? In the new sermon series "1st John: Know That You Know," Pastor Phil asks this question, and he talks on how astounding it sounds to say, "I know God." Listen to the full sermon for more on knowing God.
A Kingdom of Priests - Part 2
May 07, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
Ex 19:6, I Peter 2:1-9, Revelation 5:1-10, Ephesians 2:1-10
This week Mike Acock continues with part 2 of A Kingdom of Priests in our Increasing Our Capacity sermon series. What might we discover and develop in realms of ministry if we see ourselves as priests in Christ’s world? We are a Kingdom of Priests Marked by Love. How is this possible? Through forgiveness and the very life of God coursing through our being. Priests choose to see goodness, truth, beauty and life in spite of the evil, lies, decay and death. Our future is calling us forward much more than our past will push us forward. When you start living out resurrection life, your life does not shrink back but it is bursting forth with life and growth and love and compassion. We are called to release the life of God flowing through us, full of love and compassion on a hurting world of fellow human beings. Receiving more people and reaching more nations is not simply a project for us to do – it is an expression of the life of God in a Kingdom of Priests and that Kingdom of Priests fully participating with that life.
A Kingdom of Priests
April 30, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
Revelation 5: 1-10
Listen as Pastor Phil teaches on how we as a church are aiming to accomplish our mission " help all people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in community" today and in the days ahead. Listen to hear more about how God is Increasing Our Capacity.
Resurrection, Rebirth, and Renewal
April 23, 2017 - Nathan Buxman
Romans 3:20-24
Guest speaker Nathan Buxman asks the question, "What can we trust God for?" Nathan serves with Athletes in Action on Mizzou's campus, and in this sermon, Nathan uses his personal story to help show that, "God sees [you] differently." Listen to the full sermon for more...
Easter Is Here
April 16, 2017 - Phil Schaefer
On Easter Sunday, Pastor Phil Schaefer proclaimed that "Jesus is the One, the Messiah and the only Savior of man for this world...Go and proclaim Him." Let us celebrate.