There are many songs about God’s love. Their styles range from somber and reflective to celebratory and energetic. “Relentless” is a song that fits in the latter category. The song celebrates the relentless nature of God’s love, communicating how it persistently pursues and protects us. Understanding this love is so important. Just as Joel Houston mentions in the song story video, there are many things about God that won’t even make sense without first accepting the reality of this love of God.

One illustration that comes to mind when thinking of the lyrics of the song, especially the lines about “furthest heart” and “redemption’s bid is unrelenting,” is unrequited love. Many of us know of a real life story or have seen a movie where someone persists in loving another person even though their love is not returned. Sometimes, in the stories, this unrelenting love led to the other person eventually loving them, but not always. Similarly, Jesus loves even when His love is not returned. He died for for those hearts that are “distant,” even the “furthest heart,” those who are His enemies (Romans 5:10). Thinking on these things helps us to accept that God does love us, despite where we’ve come from, how much we have failed, and how distant our heart may feel at the moment.

“Relentless” also does a good job at keeping a missional focus for the song. Instead of the lyrics being all being how Jesus loves “me” individually, they center around overall nature of God’s relentless love and how He loves all people, including those far from Him. It’s not that He doesn’t love us individually, He does. It’s just that His love is much bigger. He invites us into a life that is not focused solely on ourselves but one that loves others and wants them to come to know His amazing love. By keeping the lyrics with this larger focus of God’s love, not only does it encourage us to believe Jesus actually loves “me,” it stirs in us a desire to see others come to know Him.

Take a listen to the song, watch the song story, and visit the WorshipTogether link to see all of the lyrics. This should be a fun song to celebrate with others the crazy love of God, and as we sing it we will hopefully come to accept and believe it more and more.