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Throughout our teaching series Prayer: A Life of Participation we focused on the initiating work of God and our full-embodied engagement in what He is stirring in us to pray.  Prayer is communion with God, prayer is joining God to birth what does not exist yet, and prayer is ultimately transformative to our hearts.  Prayer is neither an active engagement of our will (exerting our desires onto to a situation) nor a passive engagement of our will (where we do nothing and wait for God to act). Prayer is a participatory engagement of our will along with God’s will for the fulfillment of his purposes.

The work is His, but the opportunity to join Him is ours.


Ways to participate in prayer:

Rhythms of Daily Prayer Meetings

  • Through Lenten season, we will offer daily prayer meetings on Mondays, via Zoom link.
    • 6:30 AM

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Daily Prayer


Prayer Resources - Books & Videos

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The Practice of Talking to God

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