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“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrew 4:16 (ESV)


Need Prayer?

If you need prayer, please send us your prayer request(s) using the button below. If you would like to learn more about and sign up for a healing prayer session learn more here.

Join us in Praying of Sunday Prayer Requests

Each Sunday, we have the opportunity to share our prayer requests. Here are the requests from the last week. 

  • I hope my dad’s sickness from allergies from where we live goes away. Amen.
  • Pray that all my family comes to the Lord. Pray for my marriage – I’m falling into a deep depression.
  • Prayer for my family to heal from the murder of my cousin.
  • Please pray for wisdom and peace for my wife and I in dealing with my ex who is a narcissist. Recently she has caused us stress and anxiety.
  • My sister in GA passed away. Please pray for the family.
  • Update – J. will see dr tomorrow about cyst on ovaries. Pray for positive report.
  • Help me know what to do.
  • Pray for the men (inmates) at FRDC and for revival there.
  • For God to grant me a better job and bless my family.
  • For my friend who just left an abusive relationship. Pray that in her searching for a new life she finds Jesus.
  • Pray for Grandchildren for comfort and direction.
  • For our family. Lots of unexpected changes have brought stress and uncertainty. We need God’s peace and wisdom.
  • Our marriage needs healing.
  • I hope that my dad’s allergies go away and that I get my tablet back!
  • Praise God my children are reuniting with me in a few weeks!! Praise God my friends passed their exams. Thank you
  • My mother-in-law got diagnosed with skin cancer. Praying for her healing that the cancer hasn’t spread and can be fully removed through surgery.
  • I really miss having family. I need family.
  • I pray that I can stay on track and things get better with my fam.
  • Please pray that my kids would know and love Christ.
  • Lord, please don’t let me lose hope in you as I wait on you to make all things clear and beautiful in my life again.
  • This is from a 7 year old girl. I pray for the war in Russia and Ukraine is over. Blessings.
  • Please help my dad feel better and thank you for my family! Amen.
  • My uncle is doing better and my dad is doing better.
  • My granddaughter (in Utah) is in hospital for depression, anxiety, and reaction to meds.
  • Please pray as I am struggling with a great loss.
  • I hope everyone that is sick gets better.
  • Prayer that H’s defense goes great and H. feels good about it!
  • Make a way in the wilderness for E., Lord!
  • For my wife and I to find community as we move to Tennessee.
  • Thank you, Lord, for family.
  • Show me what to do about my job. I’ve lost half my hair 2 years in. Help to find cheaper place to live before lease is up.
  • Pray for my painful relationship with my dad and how to move forward with grace for him.
  • I hope that my allergies go away (from kid)
  • Grace and healing for our daughter and that her medical procedure goes well.
  • That God would help me find work quickly.
  • Healing of a broken heart, loss, and confusion. I want direction. I know his way is better than mine.
  • Lord, please help me rebuild my relationship with You. I feel I have been distant.
  • I pray for every pain and hurt in the world to go away – and my dad’s allergies.
  • Prayer for daughter having knee replacement tomorrow. Another daughter needs a broken heart healed from losing her best friend.
  • Heal my heart Lord and give me strength to glorify you in my pain.
  • That God will provide the funds for our daughter to get the implants to fix her teeth.
  • For sister’s family- healing for family while going through end of life.
  • Please pray for my upcoming knee replacement and recovery.
  • Pray for J.C. in hospital with blood clots in both lungs.
  • Thanking God for my husband’s new job. We appreciate your many prayers! God is faithful!!
  • Faith around financial security and abundance.
  • For our son’s shoulder surgery on Monday. That it would be successful and he will recover completely.
  • I have a cough. (from child)
  • Praying 2 Chron. 7:14- “My people praying, seek His face”- revival as we humble ourselves.
  • Bring hope and healing to a nephew fighting brain cancer.
  • Fertility for daughter and to fight anxiety.
  • Wisdom about whether to move back to Columbia or stay where we are.
  • Please be in agreement with me for my back to be healed and the pain be gone in Jesus Name. Thanks
  • Please God, heal my depression and help me to trust your unconditional love.
  • I pray that my friend can come to God. (from child)
  • That my mom will get a job that God wants.
  • That my mom will stop worrying and trust God.
  • God, please give me and my family strength to follow your plan.
  • Housing for the poor throughout the world.
  • Restoration for a daughter with their parents. Prayers for J.G.’s breathing.
  • Prayers for my dad’s eyes.
  • Prayers for the over 300 children in foster care in Boone County.
  • My family needs a breakthrough. Love, forgiveness and the presence of God. Save us Lord.
  • Lord, bring the prodigal sons and daughters back to you.
  • Lord I pray you would release me from all anxiety and worry as I continue to fully trust you with my life.
  • My wife has been sick for years. She seems weaker and worse.
  • Salvation for children and grandchildren.
  • My mom’s upcoming lumpectomy on April 11th. Please pray that all of the cancer is removed and her body responds well to the following radiation treatments.

Playlists For Prayer by CF

Prayer is a time of waiting before the Lord, often while sitting still or lying down listening to pre-selected songs and allowing them to guide our thoughts and prayers. Below are a variety of playlists to help guide you in a time of prayer.

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