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“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrew 4:16 (ESV)


Need Prayer?

If you need prayer, please send us your prayer request(s) using the button below. If you would like to learn more about and sign up for a healing prayer session learn more here.

Join us in praying for our weekly Prayer Requests

Each Sunday, we have the opportunity to share our prayer requests during weekend services or online. Here are recent prayer requests. 

  • For strength at work, wisdom with money and opportunity to bless and serve!
  • P. & I have taken in a 16-year-old foster daughter from Guatemala. Please pray for A. to be healed and restored to wholeness. Pray for us and that A. will come to know Jesus above all.
  • That everything will go well with S. and for me to trust Your every move.
  • Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins.
  • My grandparents have Covid. (from child)
  • Restoration of relationships between parents and children.
  • That my niece will come to a real love relationship with God.
  • For my daughter to get well from sickness.
  • For co-parenting peace and cooperation.
  • Praise God for a new grandson!
  • Praise: my dad’s surgery went well!
  • That the people of God would hear His word clearly.
  • My Aunt who is recovering from a stroke on 9/11. For my mom- they found more cancer- PET scan on Tuesday. Please pray for good results all around.
  • Pray for my brother-in-law K. as he fell yesterday and broke his hip. He is going for surgery today.
  • God, please help my hatred for someone get weaker.
  • Healing for my friend who was in a motorcycle accident.
  • Holy Spirit revival at Hickman Highschool.
  • Please pray for our daughter. She has been unwell for the last 3 days.
  • Thank you for showing our family to CFS and CFC. We are so blessed with this amazing community.
  • I pray for the word to touch my wife’s heart today. I thank Him for the softening I’ve seen.
  • I pray for people that have cancer, that they would get better.
  • My friend S. is sick today. (from child)
  • Thank you for my world, life, school and friends. (from child)
  • We pray that our offer on a new house is accepted.
  • Praise: my marriage prayer was answered!
  • For His love and acceptance no matter what!
  • I am feeling weak and wobbly emotionally. I need God’s strength.
  • Please pray for my father J. who fell and broke his arms and ribs on Friday. Pray for strength and healing for him. Pray that my mother P. would be protected from anxiety. Pray for my endurance as I try to care for both of them.
  • Peace and strength for the last few weeks of pregnancy and that He already knows the outcome of delivery.
  • Prayers over our friends who are in the thick of a divorce.
  • Pray for our house being built, very excited (from a kid).
  • For my mother’s courage and strength to live life to the fullest, although fighting metastatic breast cancer and to make it to her 60th wedding anniversary with dad.
  • I just want to say thank you. God has been moving all around. Very thankful and love how He’s showing up. My son is back home with me as well! ❤
  • Pray that I would acknowledge who I am in Christ and do my part in bringing heaven to earth.
  • For the people of Libya. For hands and feet to go and help as they seek for loved ones in the rubble.
  • Praise and thanksgiving: My daughter has been free from addiction for four years!
  • Pray the Lord give me the grace and strengthen me to walk in his ways.
  • Thank you for all you do.
  • I have to have some skin cancer removed. Please pray it has not spread and is completely healed. Thank you
  • That my children will be well established here. Thanks to God for the new job. Please pray for success in upcoming exams. Thank you.
  • Pray for the health of my granddaughter.
  • My granddaughter is suicidal in a psych ward. Pray that Jesus Christ sets her free from the lies she believes.
  • For less hours at work.
  • Worried and anxious about work. Please Lord, help me know what to do.
  • Healing for M.R.’s breast cancer.
  • My mom to get relief from pain dealing with health issues.
  • That my spouse pulls away from no good friends and gets more family oriented.
  • For my friend L. for healing and mental fortitude.
  • I pray everyone’s pain goes away. Amen!
  • Thank you for L’s friends and family and please help dad’s allergies go away and heal K. in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  • Please help my dad’s allergies go away. Also, bless this church!! Amen.
  • My dad has dad allergies (from a child).
  • Praying for peace and rest – soul rest.
  • Heal my son’s heartache.

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Playlists For Prayer by CF

Prayer is a time of waiting before the Lord, often while sitting still or lying down listening to pre-selected songs and allowing them to guide our thoughts and prayers. Below are a variety of playlists to help guide you in a time of prayer.

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