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“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrew 4:16 (ESV)


Need Prayer?

If you need prayer, please send us your prayer request(s) using the button below. If you would like to learn more about and sign up for a healing prayer session learn more here.

Join us in praying for our weekly Prayer Requests

Each Sunday, we have the opportunity to share our prayer requests during weekend services or online. Here are recent prayer requests. 

  • Praise God! Our Marine son has returned from his deployment to Somalia. He is safe and sound on U.S. soil!
  • I ask for blessings regarding job interview.
  • Pray for K, a family man with DUI court case. Pray he would press into God and receive deliverance from sense of shame. That he would know he has worth to God.
  • Healing for S. who has injured her leg and has hindered her ability to participate in activities she loves.
  • Please pray for tough employment decisions ahead.
  • J. is finally well after a long illness!
  • Faith for my husband and daughter.
  • College teammate has ALZ and just placed on hospice.
  • Everybody is hurt, I am in Spain. I was in CFCHURCH last year..
  • Please pray for my family to stay strong and stay together through tough times. We have a new baby and emotions are high! I Pray my mom can fight colon cancer. I pray my sister can fight ovarian cancer. I pray my dad stays strong and fights Lupus. This is all new and please God keep my hopes in high faith and I need my family! Thank you God!
  • Praying for a dear one in our midst with surgery this Tuesday. Praying for God to remove every cancer cell and bring healing and continue to be her strength.
  • Need prayers for my work. Praying the ongoing layoff won’t affect me and God’s will be done. Amen.
  • Lord please continue to bless my family and our home
  • Praise!! 5-years cancer free!! God is so so good!
  • Lord, would you touch my daughter’s family and give them a home.
  • Medicine to work for balance for J. and restoration of relationships between kids and parents.
  • Housing for myself this May. Rent is going up, but my check is not!
  • Lord, please grant us all of your great love and care, help us keep strong! God bless you!
  • Please, Lord, bring financial abundance!
  • Wipe away all the tears and bring belief and peace into lives that are feeling alone.
  • Thank you for praying for me. My migraines and depression/anxiety have greatly resolved. Praise God!
  • Pray for the safe arrival of Baby Miles this week! For a smooth delivery and healthy baby and mom.
  • Thank you Lord, for helping me to forgive those who have hurt me.
  • I pray my arm heals and my dad’s allergies go away and hope I can play with my sisters (from a kid).
  • My brother’s sobriety is going great so far. Please continue it Jesus.
  • For my husband’s heart and energy, and for his depression to ease.
  • Pray that my family accepts the Lord. Pray for my daughter’s emotions and finances.
  • Pray for the salvation of my children.
  • Healing for NJJ. Pray for doctor to discern treatment for diabetes and hypoglycemia affecting her kidneys.
  • I pray my dad’s allergies go away and that God can show me and my family what school to go to. God bless you!
  • For S’s family in her passing, for my cousin in the passing of her husband and for my friend and son for the controlling addiction to drugs.
  • I pray for myself because I need peace for my grandma is dying and I don’t want her to leave me.
  • Praying for healing and comfort for C. after she has all of her teeth removed on Friday.
  • The femoral horn on my 94-yr-old mother (lives in FL) collapsed yesterday and is having surgery tomorrow AM. Prayer for guidance over the hands of the surgeon, tolerance for surgery and post-op recovery.
  • Lord, please protect our children. Guide them closer to you and teach them to navigate the dangerous world we have ended up in.
  • That God will bring the men of Columbia together at the upcoming Men’s Conference on March 9.
  • For co-worker’s healing, for co-worker’s son’s recovery from the flu.
  • Healing for N.’s health after gall bladder removed and strength for us through this.
  • For my daughters to get their brain together and do the right thing. For my son to reach out to his mother and communicate.
  • Pray for miraculous healing! We rebuke cancer, COPD, and dementia in Jesus’ name!
  • Pray that my schedule will change to allow me to be off on Sundays. Also, I got in an accident – pray for healing.
  • We pray for the sick to be healed, the lost to come home, and that those who mourn would be comforted.
  • for those of us ministering to aging parents – give us grace, wisdom, patience and true connection and love.
  • I pray that God will heal me from COVID.
  • Please help my dad’s allergies go away and my sister’s arm to heal. Thank you for this wonderful day, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  • For my family.
  • I pray and give thanks to our Heavenly Father that let me get through my dental procedure and pray I continue to heal with his healing hands and light! And i give thanks for my wife’s help!!
  • Please pray for my 4 sons to seek a relationship with God and bring them closer to me and for my daughter to stay on her path with God.
  • Please pray for my mom who has been battling covid and regaining her health for over a month and is very sad and feeling hopeless.
  • Pray for W. and try to help her by not stressing out this week.

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Playlists For Prayer by CF

Prayer is a time of waiting before the Lord, often while sitting still or lying down listening to pre-selected songs and allowing them to guide our thoughts and prayers. Below are a variety of playlists to help guide you in a time of prayer.

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