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How Do People Change? – Seminar

You’ve probably heard it said that the gospel transforms lives. But how? What does it look like for the gospel to transform us? And does the gospel really reach down into the big struggles we face—like depression, or paralyzing fear and anxiety, or sexual sin? Answering those questions is what my friend Scott Mehl, who will be joining us at Christian Fellowship for a seminar on Saturday, February 4 from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (with a lunch break – lunch on your own), has devoted his life to. Sign up here.

We all wrestle with thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we wish were different; but there they are—persistent, painful, and destructive. What’s at the root of these struggles? And what’s the way out? Those are questions Scott ran up against after he helped plant a church in the western part of Los Angeles nearly a dozen years ago. Scott knew how to study and preach. But now he was encountering real people with real problems, and he wasn’t sure how to help them. It was wrestling with how to help people through the hard stuff of life that led Scott to pursue a doctoral degree in what he refers to as “finding the pot of gold”—biblical counseling.

Scott now pastors, counsels, and equips the people in his own local church to address issues of the heart and find hope and strength for change in Christ. He also travels across the country speaking at conferences and doing seminars related to depression, eating disorders, and sexual issues—three of the most pervasive struggles the people in his church were facing. Scott always brings these and other thorny issues we wrestle with back to the hope we have in Christ and to the power of the gospel to transform us.

During our time together, Scott will give us a framework for “Gospel Care” in the local church, equipping us to apply the gospel to our own lives and also to others we know and love who are struggling with hard things.

The Lord has given Scott real wisdom as a counselor and a gift for helping people through difficult things that can leave us feeling stuck and hopeless. I’m thrilled that we’re having him come share his gift with us and am confident our time together will leave us enriched and equipped to live more fully in the grace that is ours in Christ. I hope you’ll plan to join us!

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