New Song: “Joy”

Joy. What is it? If you ask others that question, you’ll likely get answers that sound a lot like “happiness” or “feeling really good”. If you ask old grouchy people they might say it’s what young’uns have before disappointment and pain sets in. You know what the bible says? Galatians 5:22 tells us that joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Did you catch that? A Fruit OF the Spirit! It’s produce grown in us by His presence.

So, what if my life isn’t very “joyful”?

Our new song, Joy, by Rend Collective, speaks to those who are aware of their difficulties. The song serves to reaffirm that circumstances do not diminish joy., “We’re choosing celebration… Pain will not define us, Joy will reignite us… The dark is just a canvas for Your grace and brightness…” These lines, taken from the verses, stir my heart to respond beyond the acknowledgement of struggles and I’m moved to celebrate His powerful presence in my life.

The lyrics and rhythm work to remind me, and I hope you too, that Joy is found in Christ. It is found in Him through pain and weariness, in doubts and fear. It’s not just about getting a better attitude or positive outlook. It’s about seeking and delighting in Christ’s presence. “Though I am broken, I am running into Your arms of Love.”

You don’t need to wait for good times to roll around again or get really good at ignoring trials, but embrace this truth clearly stated in the bridge, “In the shadows, in the sorrows, in the desert when the pain hits, You are constant, ever-present, You’re the song of my heart.”

So, the next time we get to sing this song together, choose to delight in your Joy, right in the middle of your difficulties and go ahead and celebrate Him. You may even feel the urge to dance! And I’ll join you!