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New Sermon Series: Second Timothy

“I am persuaded that He is able.”

What Matters Most

Things such as war, catastrophe, death, prison, and disease force us out of the norm and cause us to look at life a little differently.  Things like personal failure, the failure of others, the disappointments of life, or dreams unfulfilled can either cause us to lose our way or to sharpen our perspective.

Second Timothy gives us this powerful view of what Paul valued above all things. What kept him sound and solid in the hardest and most trying of times here in the face of death.  What we will try to do in this series is to gain an understanding of how Paul sees the Christian life in this world and how Paul in his last season of life directs Timothy to concentrate on what matters most.

During this series we will, by God’s grace, address:

  • The Supreme Court and its decision on gay marriage
  • Marriage and monogamy
  • How can the church be an agent for healing in racial reconciliation?
  • How does Christ and culture fit? Do we condemn culture, engage culture, or are there other options?
  • Should I choose to or can I protest outside Planned Parenthood?
  • Is Fox News, MSNBC, CNN or KBIA your Bible? Or is there a different perspective we are meant to have and live under?
  • Is there anything positive Christianity has to offer society and culture? Does Christianity stand for something positive or does it only stand for what it is against?

To hear last Sunday’s sermon, click here.  Our assignment for this week is to read Second Timothy by this coming Sunday.

Have questions or comments about this series? Contact Phil ([ccb-email-link name=”Phil Schaefer” ccb_id=”34″]).

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