Nathan and Lisa Buxman

BuxmanFamily2014Nathan and Lisa Buxman, along with their four sons, minister to athletes on the Mizzou campus, working through a national organization called Athletes in Action. You’ll notice the Buxman family at church on Sundays. They are the family usually surrounded by several tall, strong, very fit college students!

Nathan and Lisa are committed to boldly proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ to those uniquely impacted by sport worldwide. They work on campus of the University of Missouri building relationships with coaches and college athletes from all over the world in efforts to win them to Jesus, build them in their faith, and teach them how to use their platform to reach others for Christ.

You can learn more about Nathan and Lisa by visiting their website. On the website, you can sign up for their newsletter and find way to contribute financially.

Ways people in the church can help:

1. Pray!  Sign up for our monthly newsletters to learn about what God is doing in the athletic department through Athletes in Action at Mizzou, and how you can pray.  Email Lisa at to be placed on our list. Visit our website to download or print the athlete profile sheets of our leadership team. These will give you a picture of what God is doing on the teams at Mizzou through our leaders as well as how you  can pray for them.  We can relay specific prayers or words from the Lord to them via email.

2. Bake/Make a snack for our weekly meeting.  We meet every Tuesday night during the school year, and the athletes love to have a snack during our meeting.

3. Help with events like “The Amazing Race” or progressive dinners.

4. Adopt an athlete.  Pray for them and show up to their games.

5. Sponsor an athlete to go to camps, Summer Projects, or retreats.

6. Help with “Welcome Kits” for freshmen athletes in the fall.