Thoughts on song “More Than Conquerors”

I find one of the most brilliantly encouraging portions of the Bible to be in Romans 8:31-39. In these verses, the apostle Paul (the author of Romans) uses thought provoking questions to build up an argument that “nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.” I encourage you to read through these verses and consider all that Paul is communicating. You may also want to read Romans 4:5-8 and Romans 5:17 and think about how they relates to the verses in Romans 8. It will help you understand and connect more with our next new song, “More Than Conquerors” by Rend Collective which gets its title from the words in verse 37.

As Rend Collective talks about in the Story video, the song “More Than Conquerors” is about celebrating the victory we have in Christ. It’s a reminder of who God is and how we are conquerors in Christ, as well as leading us into how we should respond in light of this truth. The Irish style music that goes along with the words helps us to capture the celebratory nature of the song.

Though a celebration song, I find the lyrics to be challenging because they highlight how often I don’t live in the victory we have in Christ. It is so easy to get caught up focusing on our failures and forgetting the meaning of the passage in Romans mentioned above. I know that in a congregation our size that some of you may not initially approach this song wanting to celebrate. It could seem that these words are untrue for you or that the nature of this song is far away from your current state. If this is you, I’d encourage you to read all of the passages in Romans mentioned above each day for a week and challenge yourself to sing this song in faith.

I hope you are encouraged by this song and grow in trusting God’s power working in your life. Make sure to listen to the song and also check out the Story video in which you will get to listen to some great Irish accents. It’s always fun listening to Rend Collective share about their songs.