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Moments of Gratitude

As we release our building at Kings Meadow into the ministries God will expand through it we want to take time to share our moments of when God met us in this space. Below are the stories shared with us throughout the month of June. You can send us your story(s) here.

I am grateful for having been able to wash dishes with my brothers and sisters.
Back in the day when we held Pastor conferences a great number of us were needed to serve our servant leaders. I chose to be part of the dish-washing team. I remember the camaraderie we shared, the fun we had serving side by side, the inefficiency of having too many people on one task. (Of course there always has to be someone who “supervises”!) As the attendees would be eating meals in the Multipurpose room, adjacent to the kitchen, there were times when we were having too much fun and were asked to be be quiet.

There was something deeper that was happening between us that was unseen at that time.There was a bond that had formed, a bond that drew us closer together and is still there today, some 30 years later. It is said that nothing draws a family closer together than going camping. Likewise, the family of God is drawn together through serving the family of God, and our community standing next to one another.

I am grateful for the times my CF family has gone camping together.

Living Waters was a spiritual mountaintop experience for me, as I found forgiveness and healing from several painful family relationships. “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the spirit of sin and death.” (Romans 8:1-2) No longer do I live under the banner of familial rejection, but now I live under the blessed banner of God’s love, acceptance and grace!

Before the larger platform was built in the sanctuary, I was kneeling in prayer on the smaller platform in the dark. The truth of God’s grace in my life, it’s amazing unearned favor came flooding into my heart. As I read scriptures through this new lens of grace, I was filled with joy and awe as never before.

Each time I was diagnosed with cancer, I’m filled with gratitude that an entire Church was praying for me.

It was in this building that I came to know the Holy Spirit in a very personal way. I was aware of his presence in this place immediately. Even though I’ve spent my life within the church, I had yet to experience the Holy Spirit in this way. I have heard the Spirit’s whispers throughout my life, but to encounter his palpable presence in a church was new for me. Something felt different about the atmosphere, about the people. It left me intrigued and wanting more. From there I had encounter after encounter with this holiest of spirits. He knew me and I longed to know more about Him. He’s the great gift that Jesus promised we would all receive while we await his return. And he fills this physical space.

I was 20 when I became a member, and now I’m 60 so the best years of my life have been in this church building. I met and married both of my wonderful husbands at CFC. I’m so grateful for this, but also for all the fellowship and support that happened during services as well as in small groups. I tell everyone that I never needed to join a community support group. My church provided built-in, unstructured support groups for every phase of my life – single adult, newly married, pregnant, nursing babies, dealing with toddlers, homeschooling, etc. It was because of the diversity of age groups and the commitment of people to each other that ministry was possible through the Holy Spirit’s leading.

I’m especially grateful for the outpouring of love and support given to me while I was undergoing chemo and radiation for Hodgkins’ while trying to figure out life as a new widow with 3 young teenagers. The relationships which had been built into my life as a result of this church bolstered me up. I have parents and siblings who live locally, but I wouldn’t have thrived without my church family.

My late husband helped build the first building and I helped as well with the addition. Two of my children graduated from CFS and I was privileged for a time to work for the school part time. I have precious memories of working in the kitchen for events and teaching in cfKidz, but small groups and working at the building were where relationships went deep. I am looking forward to moving into the new space in spite of mourning the old because of the room that’s been made for me to help the process. It makes it feel more like our family is building together again. God is so so good to us!!

I’m thankful for the presence of God that I have frequently sensed at CF, particularly during times of worship. The one time that stands out above all the others in intensity is at the end of the dedication service for the original building, when the speaker (it may have been Dick Iverson) called everyone to the front and prayed a prayer of dedication over the church.

I had moved from IA to work in Columbia, thinking it would be temporary. However, God had other plans, which unfolded gradually. I knew that I was suppose to be here and attend CFC.

I wanted to share my memories of living by Christian Fellowship Church. It was thrilling to be building my home in 1987 on Dayspring Drive. I was free to pick out which lot I wanted as I was the first one to ask about the new street development. There was a field next to the house where soybeans had been grown. Wildlife was abundant. Deer, coyotes and turkeys. Like having one foot in the country. This spot rendered the most beautiful sunsets being on top of a hill.

Memories of walking to church over the years was always a pleasant experience. And I never had any fear walking home in the dark. The wonderful events of a garage sale on the CFC parking lot, adding on to the church, working together with other members to serve wonderful meals to pastors that visited at various times will be memorable forever. It was also enjoyable to house for a night or two (sometimes several months) for visiting pastors.

My husband and I were married in 1997 and he too enjoyed the short jaunt to church. Watching the wildlife and helping with Spring cleaning. Friday night services were special with visitors coming in to join us. My daughter, had lived in the downstairs walkout. When she married, they both lived downstairs for a period of time. My other daughter and her husband  occupied the upstairs for 6 months when they moved back from CO. What a thrill it was to see a vehicle with a dog, a trailer with their horse coming into Christian Fellowship Drive. My family was all here now and eagerly attended CFC. Blessings continued as their children attended Christian Fellowship School.

I was working at the time at the University Hospital as a RN. I was greeting at church one Sunday and a nurse came to attend the Sunday service. She had been sleeping in her car until church started. She worked weekends. Our meeting wasn’t by chance. It was a God thing and she ended up staying at my house over the weekends. She had a little boy with leukemia, but traveled quite a distance to have this job for coverage. Eventually she was able to find work closer to where she lived.

By greeting, I was able to meet friends that perhaps otherwise I might not have known. More memories were accumulated.

One of my daughters worked at CFC church for some time in the office. She also led worship for many years. Marriages eventually brought children into the family. Grandparents Day at CFS became an enjoyable event, however the goal of graduation came.

My husband and I knew that someday, the field would change to a development. I had already started looking at homes to downsize in. Building plans for Westbury were getting closer to reality when we found a ranch slab, moving 2018, not far from CFC, nor far from, where we knew the new church would be. Things moved fast and our house sold to a young family that was actually excited about the development. So we moved away, leaving my memories of planting every tree, now mature, and many perennials. And of grandchildren growing up.

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