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Ministering to the Rroma

Today the ministry team engaged with daily ministry of our sister church in Uzhuorrod. The ministers there reach out to the Rroma population.

“Who are the Rroma?” you might ask?

They are the outcasts, the “gypsies,” the least of these.

Their hands and feet are dirty, clothes mismatched.

Sometimes they grabbed and sometimes they taught; but their hearts love and want be loved!

  • They would mind and care for younger siblings.
  • They are respectful and wait turns and ask for things politely.
  • They crave attention and interaction with us.


We led a small VBS and presented the Gospel to them. VBS happens on a Tuesday here, mainly because families not registered with the Ukrainian government do not get to attend school.

The Gospel message we delivered seemed so meager an offering to such impoverished people. Children living in such a way seems out of balance, but perhaps we are the ones who are off-kilter…?

Perhaps our comfortable lifestyles, and
…our possessions,
…secure families,
…and the reality that we don’t need to stretch ourselves, or push ourselves
these things are actually off-kilter.

Perhaps all these things keep us from seeing the magnitude of our relationship with Jesus?

I can testify that these Rroma children are every bit the “thieves” they are labeled to be.

They have stolen the hearts of our team.

by Rebecca Buchholz-Szántó, Uzhhorod Ministry Team

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