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Meet Sarah Boyce

Meet Sarah Boyce

We are excited to welcome our new Receptionist – Sarah Boyce! We have asked her a few questions so that we can all get to know Sarah – the one who is behind the lovely voice that you now hear when you call CF.

A Little About Sarah:

  • Tell us a little about your family.
    I am married to Kenny.  We met at the Baptist Student Union on the Truman Sate University Campus.  We were friends for several years before we started dating in our last year of college.  We began dating in September, got engaged in March, and married in June – just 15 years ago.  Is that a whirlwind romance?  We have three children – Wilma (12), Vivian (10), and Gloria (5), each born in a different state.  Wilma was born in California (Kenny was working on his master’s degree in Theology); Vivian was born in Missouri (where Kenny worked on a master’s degree in Philosophy); and Gloria was born in Indiana (where Kenny worked on his PhD in Philosophy).
  • How long have you been in Columbia and what brought you here?
    We moved back to Columbia four years ago when Kenny became an Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri.  We found Christian Fellowship shortly after our move and have made this our church home.

Fun Facts About Sarah:

  • Are there any random facts you could share with us?
    I love to work with yarn and natural fibers.  I can take wool sheered from a sheep and clean it, prepare it for spinning, spin it into yarn on my spinning wheel, and knit it into a sweater or a pair of socks or mittens.  I love starting with something unusable like a pile of filthy wool and turning it into something usable and lovely.  I feel like that is what God has done in my life and it is a beautiful picture to me.
  • What is your hidden talent?
    I can speak fluently in pig latin.  My Meme (maternal grandmother) and I used it as our secret language as I grew up… and it stuck.

Sarah and Her Service at CF:

  • What is your role at Christian Fellowship?
    My official title is Calendar and Database Manager and Receptionist.  Those are my primary responsibilities, but I am always willing to pitch in and help out with anything that comes up in the office.
  • What are you most looking forward to about working at CF?
    I truly believe that we are performing Kingdom work no matter what we do or where we find ourselves.  We are ambassadors of our King in every situation.  I have worked in several different positions and I have always hoped that my presence there was shining the light of love into the dark places.  I think that working within the church will just make that Kingdom work even more real and tangible to me.  I want to see those things that my King wants to take place happen here on Earth as they do in Heaven.
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