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Living in Hope

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We were excited to attend the church service at Church of the Living on Sunday. The construction team and ministry teams in Uzhhorod were both able to attend.
The worship was powerful!  I recognized several songs that we sing in the states, but the words were in Ukrainian. It was really uniting, singing together in worship these songs I loved. We are all children of God no matter the location and cultural differences. God loves us all.
I smiled to see how kids dance on the stage; it spoke to the kind of church they have. There is a humility to Pastor Sergey and the members of the church that is so genuine and Christ-like.
Dave Nissly, from our ministry team, led service. Dave is a retired pastor with an amazing talent for speaking. He delivered a very real message addressing trusting Christ in the midst of the war. Phil Douce, our ministry team leader, asked John DiLallo from the construction team to share a powerful prophetic word from pastor Mike in Dnipro:
“During a powerful prayer time for Ukraine with Dnipro Christian Church yesterday I felt a prophetic picture emerge. Sons and daughters of light were running all over Ukraine under the cloud war and setting fires (hearts on fire for the Lord). And then I saw the cloud of war roll back and Ukraine was ablaze with revival and began sending missionaries across the world. The bread basket of the former Soviet Union becomes the bread of life messengers for the world.”
I pray for revival, peace, healing, and restoration of the Ukrainian people.
by Cheryl Harris
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