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Why Are We Live Streaming Our Sermons?

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This past week at Christian Fellowship, Skylark Audio & Video installed new video equipment for our auditorium. We upgraded our video switcher, replaced monitors, and even traded out our old camera for two new cameras. This new equipment will help us raise our level of production during services, and our Production Team is super excited to utilize these new tools.

Now as much as I’d enjoy boring you with many technical details, I wanted to take a few moments as our church’s Tech Director to explain the Why behind this project. Christian Fellowship Church’s mission statement is “To help all people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in community,” and we believe our new equipment will play a roll in helping us accomplish this mission better. How you might ask? To put it simply, the new system allows us to live stream aspects of our service.

Christian Fellowship Church’s mission is to help all people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in community.

We’ll now be able to broadcast our sermons in real time across the web, and our hope is that these sermons would help others discover a relationship with Jesus and possibly seek out a community to know God more. I have a personal hope that we would hear about someone coming to know Jesus as King as a result of live streaming our services. How cool would that be? However, we’re not looking to polish ourselves up to make this happen, but, instead, CF’s goal is provide a window for others to see what God is doing in our midst. Surely God can even use the pixels on a screen to do a work in a person’s heart.

What Will We Be Live Streaming?

Starting September 17th, we’ll be live streaming only the sermon portion of our services. This is not only because we want to ease into our new system, but it also requires a lot more equipment and people to live stream worship services well. If you’re interested in seeing us live stream worship in the future as well, I sincerely invite you to join the Production Team. We’d love to have you up in the booth with us on Sunday mornings.

Privacy Concerns

For those worried about appearing on the live stream for any reason, we’ve created an Off-Camera Area in the auditorium, and you can view the area in the diagram below. Though the cameras will almost always be directed towards the speaker(s) during a sermon or other aspect of a service, we cannot guarantee that someone won’t appear on camera if they’re outside of the Off-Camera Area, but it would still be a rare occurrence at this time. If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the church office (Email:, Phone/Text: 573-445-8561).

Off-Camera area for Live Streaming

Lastly, I encourage you to pray that God would use this new tool that he’s provided through our church’s generosity. We want to see more people know Jesus and enter into community in and outside of CF. Even with the best cameras or equipment, only God can make that happen.

See ya Sunday!

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