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Lie Down Until Morning – Reflections on Ruth

Lie Down Until Morning

Reflections on Ruth, Part 4

“Then he (Boaz) said… ‘Lie down until morning… then she (Naomi) said, ‘Sit still, daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day.’”  Ruth 3:13, 18

I want you to know you are in this place. These same commands are for you. It is as if you are Ruth waiting for a life-changing decision to be made. Nothing will be the same after this decision but still you must wait.

God wants you to lie still

I know you want to do something, but I am saying, lie still. There is no point rushing around. No point pacing or fretting or trying to arrange things. I am in charge, and I do not need any help. I want you to lie still. I want you to wait on Me to act.

I am coming around to open your car door. Would it not be unseemly for you to push open the door and jump out? Let Me do it. Wait inside. There is no reason to jump ahead. I want you to see how I treat a lady.

God is with you

Did I not cause there to be a reception for Ruth and Naomi in Bethlehem? (1:19) Did it not even resemble the one given for My own Son as He entered Jerusalem? Did I not also provide a choice place for Ruth to glean and a safe passage there each day? And do you not think I was with her, covering her and protecting her, even as she lay waiting at Boaz’s feet? I was never more than a breath away.

Wait as God is working

And on this day, I would say, I have brought you this far. I have provided all you need. I rested beside you even as Boaz slept with Ruth. Would you doubt Me for the next thing? Would you say, “Now I need to act.” Be pleased to wait. Be pleased to rest beside Me. For indeed, morning is coming, and I will be off to secure our destiny. The answers you are hoping for are indeed in My hand and I will not be slow. Rest a little longer and let Me do what only I can do.

Be still and wait on God

I also want you to see Naomi’s role as prophet to Ruth here. She told her what to do and Ruth obeyed. This is a role for the older woman in your church in these days. I want them to prophesy to the younger ones. “Sit still and wait on God. He will be your Redeemer. Let go of every fear and do not rush around.” Ask Me for the anointing of Naomi who unquestionably believed. I want to raise up an army of Ruth’s who have faith to wait on Me. An army of young women who will wait in the car until I come around and open the door.

I am coming. I am coming and you must sit still. We have pulled up to an enormous banquet hall and you are about to be escorted inside. Let go of every fear. There is no doubt about My faithfulness. No doubt about My good intentions for you. Be pleased to wait in joyful anticipation. You are about to see the outworking of God on your behalf. You are about to see what I do for all those who wait, for all those who have simple, childlike trust in Me.

Inspired by CF’s Sermon Series: The Gospel According to Ruth

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