Children’s Ministry

A Gift from God

We believe that children are a gift from God and that He has created every human with a capacity to know the love of God. Our desire is that families would have the truth of God as the standard for all that they are and do as a family. Our hope is that the activities that we do as a church family equip and assist families to lead their children to Christ practically and spiritually. cf Kidz strives to engage children in godly relationships with others and most of all with their heavenly Father.

cf Kidz Vision

Spirit led

We believe that God is our Father, Teacher, Savior, Friend, and so much more. As we lead our children in the way of truth we believe that the Holy Spirit is our guide on this life-long journey.

cfKidz In-Person on Sunday Mornings

Parent Care Room

Our nursery is available for families and children to fellowship together during the service. There is a maximum of 12 people in this room. This room is intended for infants and toddlers with parent supervision. Parents are welcome to trade supervision duties until our ministry teams are in serving capacity again. Adults are encouraged to social distance and required to wear masks. Children are not required to wear masks. This room is disinfected between uses.

Live Stream Rooms

We have converted two classrooms into Live Stream family rooms. These rooms have the live stream from the service set up and there are tables, chairs, communion and child activities set up for children to do during the service. You are welcome to bring electronic devices from home to encourage children to watch their cfKidz class online during this time. This is a great way to ease younger children back into church life, while minimizing social exposure. It works best to coordinate with one other family to attend a live stream room together.

cfKidz Class (0- Pre-K)

This class is primarily a play room for this age range. Lessons are available for volunteers to use depending on the age group present. Masks are encouraged for this class for students, required for adults. But a lot of grace is available for children to not wear masks. The main goal of this class currently is play time with peers and volunteer led lessons and worship time for the pre-school age group. This class is loosely structured to meet the needs of this wide age range. We strongly encourage bubbles of families/small groups to pick a service to attend together regularly.

cfKidz Class (K-5th grade)

This class has a socially distanced setup where masks are required in compliance with city ordinances. Activities happen at or near their table area for the service. We have kid style worship, differentiated instruction for varied ages of students, and a variety of hands on crafts and activities. There is a maximum of ten students per class.

cfKidz Ministry Team

If you would like to join or re-join our ministry team, additional training is required. Please sign up for a training time here.


cfKidz Curriculum Resources

Our church family is available to assist, reinforce, support, encourage, and equip parents for spiritually leading their families in the way of truth. Click below for more resources and to connect with us on Facebook and Youtube.

cfKidz Soak Class

January 10

A Baby and a Bush (Pt. 2): Teachers Video Activity Parent Engagement

January 17

A Baby and a Bush (Pt. 3): Teachers Video Activity Parent Engagement

January 24

A Baby and a Bush (Pt. 4): Teachers Video Activity Parent Engagement

January 31

A Baby and a Bush (Pt. 5): Teachers Video Activity Parent Engagement

cfKidz Climb Class

cfKidz Launch Class

January 10

January 17

January 24

Facebook YouTube

School at Home Q + A

This video series and our School at Home Community Facebook group are designed to help those at Christian Fellowship Church whose kids are learning from home build community. We hope it helps you connect with others at CF, find helpful resources for helping your kids learn, and find encouragement along the way. Be a part of our group using the button below.

Community Group


Well Child Policy
When the following symptoms are present, a child should NOT be admitted to cfKidz ministry:

  • Fever > 100.4 in the last 24 hours,
  • Uncovered open sores,
  • Had more than 4 watery stools in the last 24 hours,
  • Vomited more than once in the last 24 hours,
  • A severe cough that causes them to get red or blue in the face,
  • Pink eye, tuberculosis, lice or scabies,
  • Chicken pox until all spots are crusted.

Children on antibiotics must have been on medication for 36 hours.

We realize that some children have gone for extended periods with a particular health problem. We desire to minister to the child and parent even when the child cannot be allowed into the nursery. We would encourage parents in this case to ask members of their small group to share their need by helping them care for the child in the overflow room or in the main auditorium.


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