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John and Sharon Harvey

ASELSI Ministries

John and Sharon Harvey

Sharon and John are the founders of ASELSI Ministries. They worked in Guatemala with the Mayan Indians for over 20 years, developing a medical clinic and Bible institute.

Every year, thousands of patients pass through ASELSI, which serves people who would not otherwise be able to receive care and medicine. The clinic includes examinations, pre- and post-natal care, eye surgeries, health education, a milk program for undernourished babies, and physical therapy.

The Bible institute is now giving the students online courses as well as in-person courses. They are now in four countries: Cuba, Venezuela, America, and Guatemala and have 360 students studying in three levels: high school, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree.

Sharon and John Harvey are now living in Portland, Oregon, and act as advisors to the leadership of ASELSI. They leave a legacy, a ministry run by Guatemalans. The Harvey’s want you to know that this ministry is only by God’s wonderful grace.

How to Partner with the Harveys

  • Check out the latest news on their website. You can also follow ASELSI on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you would like to donate to help support John and Sharon and the work that they are doing, click the button below. When giving please choose “Missions: ASELSI” on the drop down under giving type.
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