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Introducing Cedric Cunigan

If you have been at church in the last few months, you may have noticed some new faces on our worship team! God has brought us wonderful people to serve in worship community and we will be using the next several issues of cfNews to introduce some of them to you.
This week, we would like to introduce Cedric Cunigan. Cedric and his wife Jenna started attending CF in December of 2012. Their first child, a handsome son named Gabriel, just celebrated his first birthday.

This morning, I had the opportunity to ask Cedric a few questions:

DK — When and how did you decide to be a Christian?
CC – I was always raised in church. My grandfather was a minister at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO and that’s where I attended growing up. I was baptized there when I was nine years old.

DK — When was the first time you sang in front of an audience?
CC – I was too young to even remember it. By the time I could talk, I was singing in the Corinthian Choir.

DK – How is the CF Worship Team different from the Corinthian Choir?
CC – Very different! Especially song choice and style. Going from a gospel choir to a contemporary band was a big change, but I really enjoy the fact that I do not have to wear a robe! Those robes get very hot when you are dancing!

DK — If you were going to audition for a part in a Broadway musical, what song would you sing for the casting team?
CC – I auditioned one time for a play at Mizzou and sang “My Girl” by the Temptations.

DK — How did you meet Jenna?
CC – We met at Mizzou through mutual friends. We hung out for a couple years and then started dating in 2009. We got married in November of 2011. Jenna graduated in 2010 with her undergrad and got her Masters in 2011. (She is a teacher.) I got my undergrad in 2011 (Bio Eng) and an MBA in 2013 (I’m an environmental engineer for the Department of Natural Resources).

DK — If you could go to the Columbia Mall and purchase Jenna any gift from any store, what you would choose for her?
CC – I would get her a Barnes and Noble Gift card with no limit because she loves to read and learn.

DK — What is your favorite way to spend time with Gabriel?
CC — He likes to help me in the garden. We read books every night, especially his favorite book “Dear Zoo.”

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