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Increasing our Capacity Blog from Jan 14, 2015

In 2002, Christian Fellowship bought 37 acres of land at the corner of Louisville and Chapel Hill Road. Since then, we have been waiting for God to give us the word to take the next step toward moving the church to this new location. After more than a decade of waiting and watching and praying, we started looking at developing this property more intentionally over the last couple of years.

It’s been a long, ongoing, careful process. We don’t want to rush into anything. We want to make sure we are under God’s direction. We’ve met with architects, financial consultants, building teams, staff, and the whole range of our membership to listen and plan.

We’ve always believed our max budget for a new church building would be $6.0 million. However, the first price tag we received from our architect in 2013 was $9.0 million. This number stopped us in our tracks. We could not make peace with that number. Everything stalled until this past November (2014) when the architect presented a revised drawing with a price tag of $5.7 million. We felt this number was what we have been waiting for and gave us a “now” from the Lord.

Our Vision

The vision of expanding our facilities comes from our earliest vision as a church. Expanding facilities means expanding ministry and reaching more people. Since the mid 1980’s, this has been discussed, planned, prayed over, set back, picked up, and dreamed about. It will not go away.

As a church, we have a respect and appreciation for what other churches in Columbia have to offer. We also understand that we have our own, unique part to play. There is a call of God upon Christian Fellowship Church. He has given us grace, gifts, and a message for the Body of Christ, our local community, and other nations. Our vision is to see more and more people come to know the grace of God in their lives; to be a people who work at living in grace, applying grace, and knowing what grace looks and sounds like. We believe there are many more children, teens, and adults who need to experience the grace of God for them.

The Latest Developments

We are now at a point where we believe the next step is to start fundraising to build. Our plan is to raise $3.0 million and to borrow $3.0 million. All of our designs are so that we can increase our capacity in ministry – for worship, parking, children’s space, youth, adult meeting rooms, and administration. The building is designed so that all areas of ministry can expand as the need evolves.

Therefore, we are entering into a multi-phase capital campaign.

  • Phase 1 – for 2 yrs.
  • Phase 2 – for 2 yrs.

We are calling this next phase ‘Increasing our Capacity’. It is about how we foresee us moving forward in God. It is about ‘increasing our capacity’ in our city.


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