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Impactful Influence

I recently attended a luncheon to honor this year’s most impactful leaders among local area nonprofits. Perhaps you’ve heard of Impact COMO? 2018 was their inaugural year. Their purpose is to celebrate Columbia’s nonprofits’ high performing volunteers, organizations, and executive directors.

When I first arrived at the Stoney Creek Inn, where the luncheon was held, and took my seat, I perused the magazine-length program. It listed the details of the ceremony’s honorees. What immediately caught my attention was the fact that three out of the four Executive Director honorees are members here at Christian Fellowship – congratulations to Pam Ingram for her recognition as the 2018 Most Impactful Executive Director (Granny’s House), and to Jane Williams (Love INC), and Larry McDaniel (Coyote Hill) for Honorable Mention in the same category. These were three of the four chosen among all the nonprofit executive directors in our city and surrounding area!

Their leadership, indeed leadership in general, can be defined by a person’s scope of influence. All leaders have influence in at least one arena. Some have influence in many. A Christian leader – someone who leads from a place of faith and relationship with Christ – is someone whose influence is also defined by hope. And this hope turns leadership from simple influence to impactful influence.

Each of us, regardless of our talents, gifts, calling, hobbies, jobs, family, friends, challenges, financial situation, or age will have opportunities every day to influence those around us. We may never receive recognition. We may not be voted “Most Impactful Nurse” or “Most Impactful Mom.” We may not ever see the effect that our influence has had. BUT we each carry within us the life and breath of Christ. We each carry within us a hope that burns, inspires, and motivates.
As we move into 2019, I want to encourage you to let the hope you hold in your heart impact those in your circle of influence. I want to encourage you to be a leader wherever you are.

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