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Silhouette of a man and his son looking into the distance during sunset.


by Gary Dietrich

I am a child of God

My feelings don’t dictate this

The word of God says it is true

I have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior

Father says I am in the family

I am a son forever

I am now a son of God

My mind can’t change the fact

The devil can’t take this away

The Father calls me his son

Despite my short comings

He won’t change his mind

He decreed it and spoke it out loud

It is sealed in heaven

My names in the book of life

I am my Father’s son

Of this there is no doubt

For the Father cannot lie

My destiny is sealed

It cannot be altered

I must be my Father’s son

I need not look to others

I need not compare myself

The Father’s words are true

I am who he says I am

I can be no other

I am my Father’s son

A son forever

In my Father’s image

For all the ages to come

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