I Will Follow


Many times the simplest concepts are the most profound. They can be easy to overlook, but when expressed in simple terms which convey their rich meaning, the depth of these simple concepts is more fully seen. The song “I Will Follow” simply expresses the depth of what it means to follow Jesus.

The Bible uses the term “disciple” to refer those who are followers and students of Jesus. There were twelve guys Jesus specifically called to follow Him and receive hands on training in the ways of God. They ate with Jesus, went where he went, and did the things he did. This kind of following is portrayed will in the chorus of “I Will Follow.” It includes declarations to follow Jesus in multiple areas: “Where You stay, When You move, Who You love, How You serve.” Together these help convey the simplicity and depth of trusting and following Jesus.

Sometimes in our efforts to follow Jesus we get distracted by the methods we’ve developed to do so. We stop going back to the “Where?, When?, Who?, and How?” and trust our own methods or traditions. A bible story in the beginning of John 5 contrasts following with tradition rather than following based on relationship and trust. Jesus healed a lame person and told him to pick up his mat and walk. Seems like a good thing, but it was on the Sabbath, a day God designed as a day of rest for the Jews. The Jewish leaders were outraged because carrying an object went against their customs in observing the Sabbath. Jesus’ answer to the leaders shows us the simple way to follow. He said He only did what He saw God the Father doing (John 5:19).

It is so simple and yet so profound. We copy what Jesus does and always look to Him in our lives for where He is going, when He is staying, who He is loving, and how He is serving. Just as we have been hearing in our current sermon series, this kind of following is the way to make our lives really count. Hopefully singing “I Will Follow” in church will encourage us in our daily walk with Jesus and following Him in all that we do.