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Hug A Heart Continues

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Hug A Heart
Prayers and Workers Needed!
We have a new ministry bringing comfort to breast cancer patients at CF called Hug A Heart. They are providing heart shaped pillows and seat belt cushions to breast cancer patients to help reduce pain after surgery. What appears to be a practical service project has become a gift of compassion and comfort to dozens of breast cancer patients each month. Our first meeting will be Monday, February 27 at 10:00 am. To hear more about how this ministry began and to sign up, click here.

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Over the years I have lost very dear friends to breast cancer and have even more friends that have survived it. Unless you’ve walked beside someone going through the diagnosis, the surgery and the treatment of breast cancer you won’t understand the fear, the feeling “I’m no longer a woman” or the degradation some women experience.

I read about a group in Florida selling hearts for comfort to breast cancer survivors. after talking to some friends at church we decided to do this only instead of selling them, we would give them to a hospital that dealt with breast cancer. When I approached one of the hospitals, I was welcomed with open arms. The person I contacted said the heart shaped pillows worked wonderfully for people that had gone through breast surgery. “Hug a Heart” was born. We were asked to make seat belt covers along with the pillows.

The pillow is used under the arm, because lymph nodes are removed from that area. The seat belt is cushioned to protect the chest after surgery and during chemo.

I truly believe this outreach is God inspired. He laid it on my heart to do this and continue until the pillows are no longer need.  Those of us working on the project received a tremendous blessing as did the woman receiving them. There were many thank you notes telling us how the pillow was a bright spot during a dark time in their lives.

People do not need to know how to sew to take part in this outreach. We need people to stuff, label, and bag the seat belt covers and hearts. We will start meeting in the 5000 building Monday, February 27 from 10-2 and every 2nd and 4th Monday (unless there is a Christian Holiday). Lunch will be provided.

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