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Here For You


“Here For You” is a song that calls us to worship and helps us understand why we gather together. It’s a great song for drawing our heart’s focus to God. Since the story video already has some great insights into what inspired the writing of the song by a couple of it’s authors, Matt Redman and Matt Maher, I’m going to focus on a few of the prayers found in the song.

One of these prayers is “(Let) Your renown fill the skies” found in the second verse. I love this word “renown.” It isn’t used very often, but it has such a rich meaning. Merriam-Webster’s defines renown as, “a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored.” The desire to see God highly honored and acclaimed is at the core of worship. When we have a really strong opinion about the awesomeness of God, the more we want others to believe the same. It’s seems to be in our nature. How often do we promote a team, player, movie, song, band, or political view and try to convince others to share our high opinion of it?

This desire to see God glorified expressed in “Here For You” is based on Isaiah 26:8 NIV, the key scripture verse for the worship focused ministry for which this song was written, Passion Conferences. This ministry calls students to live for the name and renown of Jesus Christ. Read their 268 Declaration to find out more about this calling for students. It has some really good statements and prayers relating to living lives that glorify God.

Two other prayers I wanted to mention also come from the second verse, “Let Your Word move in power” and “Let what’s dead come alive.” These are two great prayers for any church service or any day for that matter. Oh how we need God to move in power in our meetings, that the truth of scripture would work in hearts and change things. The most eloquent message or perfect worship set can’t do this. Only God’s power can bring what’s dead in people’s lives to life. Our prayer is that our meetings would be characterized by demonstrations of God’s power and that everyone would know that God is among us (1 Cor 2:4-5 NIV, 1 Cor 14:25 NIV).

What excellent things to sing in a service. Hopefully this song will stir our hearts in worship and build faith to see God move powerfully among His people.

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