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Happy M-others Day!

This Mother’s Day I want to write to those who are mothers from the perspective of heaven. This is a day that is celebratory for many but a sad reminder for others.

This is for the others.

By others, I am mean those who have dreamed of being a mother, but the first letter, “m,” was never added to them – at least not in the way that they dreamed – or perhaps the “m” was stolen. This can happen in many ways. Death immediately comes to mind.
Mothers are givers. Mothers are nurturers. Mothers are amplifiers of truth and receivers of all complaints. Mothers are teachers and so much more.
When they are not present… much is missing.
When one is present, and there is not a child,… much is missing.
In my formational years, three women were very instrumental in my life. None had children of her own, and yet each was called to minister to children. Now that I am an adult, I recognize the look I saw in these women’s eyes. They were all others. Each one loved as if she was a mother to all; yet she had no children to call her own. As an adult, I see motherly love from so many others who don’t realize that their love is the truest form of motherly love some children (and adults) will ever know.
One of the hardest places for a mother to be is in this place of being an other. Othering often carries a sense of being disregarded, as less than, yet these m-others continue to forge ahead. They continue to love from a genuine heart full of love.
One thing I never understood until I held my first homeless and parentless child was the sense of continually being an other. I began to see how many admirable m-others in our world impart the precious gold and trove of wisdom that a mother imparts. They are the single women who serve in children’s ministry, the foster and adoptive m-others, step m-others, grandm-others who raises their grandchildren, aunts (m-others) who said yes, when the caseworker called, the teacher who hugs her students and brushes her student’s hair every morning, because it is what that little girl needs.
To you, I say, Happy M-other’s Day! The world is richer because of the wisdom you share, the love you give, the hope you impart, and the truth you speak. You are not forgotten. You are needed, and you are celebrated! We live in a generation where godly mothers and fathers are in short supply. My prayer for you is that you would see that your calling is not separate from the desires God has placed in your heart.

Thank you for loving the child(ren) God has put in your life!

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