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Guests Are Coming!

Every Easter, we expect an extra large crowd and many first time guests! If you are part of the CF family, let’s make an extra effort to be a good host or hostess!

Here are some things you can do to make our guests feel welcomed and special:

  • Carpool – Bringing only one car per household will open up parking spots for our guests. The parking lot is the first impression.
  • Park Strategically – Let’s save the best parking spots for our guests! If you are a regular attender and do not have physical limitations, consider parking around the block and walking to church.
  • Take a seat up front –  Please help us squeeze in the big Easter crowd by coming early and sitting in the front of the auditorium. These seats are the hardest to fill and always the last to be taken.
  • Say hello! – Look for people you don’t know and say hello! Simply hang out in the auditorium and try to greet a few folks before or after the service. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t new or if they have been attending for years. All you need to say is “Hello! I don’t think we’ve ever had the chance to meet. My name is, _________.”
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