Grow in faith in community at Christian Fellowship in Columbia Missouri

    Grow. It’s what living things do.

    In Jesus we’ve been made alive. His life in us leads to growth. But how does this happen? In Ephesians, Paul says that when we are rooted and grounded in the gospel, we grow up into the fullness of Christ. That’s what being disciples of Jesus is all about. We learn Christ, we grow in Christ, we’re transformed by Christ, and we help one another be rooted in the gospel of Christ so we can grow strong together.

    The CF Discipleship Track is designed to give us practical and essential ways to grow in the Gospel together through the life giving power of the Holy Spirit. Regardless of how you would define your “spiritual maturity” there are opportunities to grow including:

    Core Classes:
    • Discovering CF  Fall/Spring
    • New Believers Class  Fall
    • Christian Story (Scripture) Fall ’18
    • Christian Belief (Theology) Spring ’19
    • Christian Formation (Life) Fall ’19
    Personal Spiritual Practices:
    • Form habit of daily scripture reading
    • Practice reflective slow reading of scripture (meditation)
    • Memorize Scripture (Ps.23, the Lord’s Prayer, or 10 other meaningful verses)
    • Form habit of morning prayer to start your day
    • Practice a set time of silence and solitude weekly or monthly
    • Fast 24 hours weekly/monthly from something (food, phone, tv)
    • Sign up for Healing Prayer session
    • Take a daily or weekly prayer walk
    • Read a spiritually helpful book
    • Participate in a pastor’s pick book discussion
    • Take a daily or weekly prayer walk
    • Grow in generosity (giving/tithing)
    • Befriend a neighbor or unbeliever
    • Share you testimony with an unbeliever
    • Family devotions (read, pray, sing together, or share daily highs and lows or something to be grateful for at dinner.
    • Keep a weekly Sabbath rest (focus on worship, family, rest and play with no work/school activities)
    • Attend weekly worship service
    Relational Growth:

    Learn more on how you can grow in these areas and sign up in the link below.

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