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Good news, Christian Fellowship!

We have crossed a big milestone in our building fund campaign! We have now collected over $700,000! Great job!

As you will remember, in January of 2015, we started the “Increasing Our Capacity” building fund with a goal of raising $3,000,000 in four years. By September, we had $587,935 in contributions.

It was then that our Building Planning team issued a challenge to the church. They set a goal to reach $1,000,000 by the end of 2015. In just 2 months since the challenge, our fund has increased by $115,152! We are getting closer!

The other side of the church’s challenge is in regard to the number of households participating in the campaign. Our heart’s desire is to see every member of our church family be a part of this project in some way, whether big or small. We want to do this together, as a body of believers, trusting God to use every person to play their role. Therefore, we set a goal to see 250 households participating in the campaign by December 31, 2015. By September 1, 144 families had contributed. By November 1, 2015 that number has increased to 159. That is awesome!

We believe that God is calling us to increase our capacity to receive more people and reach more nations with the Gospel of Grace. If you would like to participate in this project, you can:

  1. Make a pledge or one-time contribution
  2. Participate in the photography fundraiser on October 31 and/or November 14
  3. Make plans now to help with an all-church garage sale being planned for sometime in March, 2016
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