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We believe God is calling us to increase our capacity to receive more people and reach more nations with the Gospel of Grace. Therefore, we hope to build a new church facility on the property we own at the corner of Chapel Hill Road and Louisville Drive.

We asked some of the people who are giving to share their stories. The feedback has been encouraging and faith-building. Here are two of the testimonies from the last week or so:


“God never ceases to amaze me with my giving.  With this campaign especially it was a joy to give!  There was absolutely no hesitation whatsoever.  One reason is because I have seen that I cannot out give God.  I have always received back more than I could ever give to him.  Malachi 3:10″

“I’m more excited to be a part of CF than anything else in my life. It’s been such a place of peace for me growing up and it has helped me grow so much in the last few years. I thank God for what He is doing and I’m so excited about the future. We could sit back and enjoy what God has done, but instead we are taking (it seems to me) the bravest step yet. I’m so grateful to all the leaders for carefully building a solid foundation, and for hearing from God and not being content with where we are.”


Together, we are making great progress!  Just in the month of September we have increased the amount of money collected from $587,935 to $669, 521.  Our goal is to pray and labor to receive $1.0 million by December 31,2015 and to see 250 individuals participating, and we are getting closer to this goal!

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