God is Able


This Sunday we are going to introduce a song based on Ephesians 3:20 called, “God is Able.” All of the lyrics and the music were written to draw out that theme. Even though it is a fairly simple song, there is just something about how the music captures Christ’s victory in a way that is both faith filled and faith stirring. In this New Song Blog I’m going to highlight some of the key portions of Ephesians 3:20-21 expressed in the song and some of the key ideas expressed in Paul’s prayer for the church proceeding this doxology.

Since the theme for “God is Able” is a response of praise at the end of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21, I think it is helpful to look at Paul’s key prayer points for the church in these verses and consider this song even as a response to these prayers…

  • Strengthen you with power through His Spirit
  • Christ would dwell in your hearts
  • You would be rooted and grounded in love
  • You would grasp His love which surpasses knowledge
  • You would be filled to all the fullness of God

After these prayers, Paul then ends with a doxology that brings out some key ideas, many of which are directly represented in the song “God is Able.” When you listen to the song, see if you can hear how these ideas are expressed in the song.

  • God is able to do more than we ask
  • God is able to do more than we imagine
  • His power is at work in us
  • To God be glory in Christ Jesus forever
  • To God be glory in the church forever

I hope these thoughts stir worship within you and prepare you to join as we sing this song as a church. You can also watch the song story video and follow the link to WorshipTogether to see the lyrics.