Forever Reign


When I heard this song for the first time recently, it immediately gripped my heart. I think it was the declaration of truth about God, paired alongside my inadequacy and fear and failure. I know well what it is to have nothing good in me, for the darkness to close in, to have crippling fear and a wandering heart. Yes, all of that is true. But this song reminds me there is a deeper truth.

It draws my eyes off of myself onto the One who is good, who is love, who is hope and peace and joy and life. And he’s not these things in some abstract way that’s nice for a song but doesn’t really touch my life. It’s in the very place of my weakness and brokenness and failure that his love and grace and sufficiency come in and change everything. In those very places, I can run to him and find the riches of his love to be enough for me. He has covered all my sins. And he embraces me. Nothing compares to that.

So when we want to hide in shame or insecurity and all we can see is our failure and inadequacy, this song helps us look away from ourselves to the One who is sufficient for our every need. Everything I’m not, and everything I need, He is more. The riches of his love are always enough for me. Because of the cross, we can run to Him and be embraced by Him. And when he embraces us, our heart’s response is, “Of all else I’m letting go…My heart will sing no other Name, Jesus.”