Christian Formation

We all want to grow and mature in our Christian lives. We want to be more like Jesus. But how does that happen? How is it that we are formed and shaped by the Gospel story and by the Spirit of God? That’s what we’ll explore together in Christian Formation. Think of it as a baking show of sorts. We’ll learn about some key ingredients in our spiritual formation, but we’ll also “bake” together, mixing some of those ingredients into our lives, and then tasting of the fruit the Holy Spirit produces in our lives. Should be fun!

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  • Meeting Time: Sundays 5:00-6:15 pm
  • Meeting Dates: September 22- October 27
  • Meeting Location: CF Room 115
  • Facilitator: Donnie Berry
  • Materials Needed: Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Childcare: Provided with RSVP

Registration is not open at this time. If you have questions or would like information about future groups, please contact us at