First New Song Blog – Never Once


For quite a while now I have had the desire to start a New Song Blog. The idea is that every time the CF Worship Community introduces a new song to become a regular part of worship, one of the leaders will share some thoughts about the song and links to videos or other sites with resources related to the song. This is something we do as a Worship Community that helps us connect with how the song reveals the character of God and how we can or should respond in worship. By sharing these thoughts and resources with the whole church, I think it will be a great way to help everyone learn and connect with the new songs.

The first song we are going to look at is the song “Never Once” from Matt Redman’s latest album 10,000 Reasons. This song about God’s faithfulness has verses which emphasize two different places we find ourselves in life. The first verse speaks of the good times in life, when we feel like we have accomplished something, when we have reached the top of the mountain, and reminds us how God was the one who got us there. The second verse speaks of the tough times in life, when we feel low and in a battle and reminds us how God is with us in the battle and He is the one who brings victory. These verses help the song identify with us no matter where we feel like we are in life and draws us to declare in the chorus how God is faithful and always with us.

There are many more things I could share about this song, but instead I’ll direct you to visit the video at Worship Together to hear Matt Redman talk about the song. While you are there take a look at the lyrics and pay attention to the new ideas added in the bridge and ending chorus.