Seeker Summer Club

children's ministry vbs Seeker Summer Club at Christian Fellowship

Date: May 27, 2020


Kids in 2nd – 5th grade are invited to be a part of our Seeker Summer Club. This program teaches kids about the scriptures through videos, hands on activities, and more. Seeker Summer Club is a flexible 5 day program with multiple ways to participate according to your comfort level as our community begins to reopen. Families can either join in virtually or be a part of a small in person gathering at various locations in the community. We have daily club craft packets available for you to pick up at the church. Please email Kaylyn in the church office.

Summer Seeker Club Link to Virtual Club:

Hello friend, We are so glad you are here! Join us at your own pace, at home, with a sibling, parent or a neighbor friend. We will learn, have fun and do some crafts together.

If you need craft supplies, be sure to pick up your supplies from us before you click on the link. A number of the items are items you would find at home, but we have put them all together for you too. Pick up is June 7-11 from noon until 5pm. If you have questions email Kaylyn in the church office.

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Host a Club

If you would like to host a club for kids in your neighborhood we have site leader packets available with a leader guide, resources, and craft supplies. If you would like more information about hosting a club please contact Kaylyn in the church office.

Adult Resources

If you would like to learn more about how to read the bible before or alongside your children we encourage you to check out the Bible Project’s “How to Read the Bible” video series. If you would be interested in discussing these videos and the Bible, Pastor Donnie Berry is also leading a virtual class titled “How to Read the Bible” focused on this series. You can find out more about the class here.