ForColumbia Community Outreach

Christian Fellowship, Woodcrest, and Trinity Community Church volunteer in Columbia Missouri

Date: June 11, 2020

With the suspension of this year’s ForColumbia event in April, our local pastors have been looking at alternative ways to serve our community. One such opportunity is a partnership between Woodcrest, Christian Fellowship, and Trinity Community Church to serve the people of Bethany and Bellevue Streets off Scott Boulevard near the trailhead.

Our three churches have committed to assembling a group of volunteers to serve the second Saturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm, starting June 13, for an entire year. We’re starting this summer with projects we can safely do outdoors. Lunch from Chick-fil-a is included.

Would you be interested in being part of a team that serves this neighborhood? If so, please sign up using the button below. You can choose to serve once or make a commitment for the year.

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ForColumbia Story

“This is great!” he said with a big smile. JB had a smile that matched his personality – big and engaging. “The neighbors never get together,” JB said. “We’ve been here almost as long as anybody, except maybe the family up on the corner, they’ve been here the longest”

Don’t forget Mrs…” JB’s wife interjected with an equally big smile as she nodded toward an apartment with several flowerpots overflowing with brilliantly colored flowers. “I think she’s been here the longest.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” he said, ”But the whole time we’ve lived here we never had anything like this where the neighborhood comes out together. We need it. We need something that brings us together.”

“And lunch!” I said holding up a half-eaten chicken sandwich. We stood at the corner of Bellview and Bethany streets eating some of the 150 Chick-fil-a box lunches set out for the neighborhood to share.

JB Laughed. “Yeah food always helps. I can make some next time. I’d love to make a bunch of bacon,” he said with another big smile.

This is a connection we made through For Columbia – a group of people committed to making a difference in our city, and more importantly, in the people of Columbia. A group of 30 or so volunteers participated for several hours to join the people here in building pride and community in this nearby neighborhood. Many in the neighborhood are short-term renters, and others are long-term residents like JB and his wife.

We talked for quite a while as we ate. The food and ice water were refreshing after spending three hours with a team of volunteers hacking our way through years of overgrown brush along a fence row. Chainsaws, rakes, trimmers, wheelbarrows and lots of back muscles had been put to good use on this task. Other teams had been busy sweeping streets, picking up trash in the nearby wooded area, repairing this and that, and most importantly, building relationships. Relationships with those volunteering and with the great people of the neighborhood.

We made several new friends that day. One in particular seemed to know and interact with everyone. We laughed and talked with her as she stopped neighbors driving by to offer them lunch.

The time came for us to say our goodbyes and pack up with a promise to return in a few weeks. We’ll certainly be back, not only the second week of July, but every month for months to come. Volunteers can commit to just once, but most of us wouldn’t want to miss going back for this kind of investment.

A soft-spoken lady turned with our bubbly new friend to head toward home and we couldn’t help but notice her tears. Matt, a pastor in the group called out, “I hope those are happy tears!”

“Oh, yes!” said the outgoing one over her shoulder. “She’s so happy you came!”

So am I, my friend, so am I! – Tim Davis