Daily Prayer

Pray with Christian Fellowship Church on Zoom in January 2021

Date: November 23, 2020

Rhythm of Prayer

Cycles and rhythms are a part of our lives. Beginnings and endings to cycles is something we are keenly familiar with at the start of a new year. This year as a church, we want to start the year off in prayer as a community. In an effort to gather safely and faithfully we will be meeting on Zoom for ten days, three times a day.

During these short, 10-15 minute gatherings we will pray through daily prayers, pause for silence, reflection, communal prayer, and scripture reading using resources from the Daily Office. These gatherings will be facilitated by Kaylyn Briscoe (6:30 a.m.), Kim Stewart -(Noon), and Deb Schaefer (8 p.m.) daily. These times will be brief but deep.

We encourage you to pick a time that suits you and your family. Gather with others from your family and living situation when possible. Sign-up below to register to receive the Zoom link. Resources for these times of prayer are shared below. With this new year, we invite you to a new rhythm of prayer in community, daily as we enter the presence of God together.


Optional Materials:
Use the online Prayer Guide or the App for iPhone (not available for Android)