Back-to-School Supply Drive

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It is time for our annual Back to School Supply Drive!  We love this event because it enables us to practically respond to the needs within our church family.

Each backpack has been assigned to a specific child and will contain a list of supplies they need for a successful school year.  Many of the children get so excited about their new backpack and all the supplies that it helps get them excited for the school year ahead.

Pick up a Backpack on Sunday, July 31

You can participate by picking up an empty backpack in the north foyer after the services on Sunday, July 31.  We invite you to pray for the child that you are helping and for their school year, as well as invite you to put an encouraging note in their backpack with the supplies.

Return Filled Backpacks by August 7

Please fill the backpack and bring it back to church by or on Sunday, August 7.