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Emotional Wholeness Workshop
Nov 14, 2021 at 3:00 PM

Emotional wellness is a topic in which all people are continually growing. In the American church, the conversation of emotional health has continued to come to the forefront in many congregations, especially during this season of COVID. At Christian Fellowship, we believe emotional wellness is just as important as spiritual wellness to the health of the body. We hope to continue the conversation on recognizing emotional health needs, gaining and maintaining emotional awareness, as well as the Biblical foundations for emotional wholeness. 

We will hear from Beth Bramstedt, Mike Acock and a panel of mental health professionals from the church and community.  


  • Date: Sunday, November 14
  • Time: 3-5pm
  • Location: CF Multipurpose Room
  • Childcare: Yes, please rsvp here 
  • Cost: FREE
  • Registration: Please rsvp here
CF Multipurpose Room

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