Event Details

40-Hours of Prayer
September 11, 2021. All day
Organizer: Phil Schaefer

Prayer Points

Pray for Yourself 

  • Pray that you will enter into a season of a deeper relationship with God 
  • Pray that in your daily work (daily activities) your heart will be directed by prayer 
  • Pray that you will see the hand of God in your daily life 
  • Pray that thanksgiving will become second nature as you see all of life is a gift from God 
  • Pray that your heart will be less anxious, less compulsive, less tossed about as you more and more place your trust in God 
  • Pray that God will use you 
  • Pray that you will learn how to pray 
  • Pray for humility – a humble spirit 

Pray for Our Church 

  • Pray for our church, our members, that God will reveal more of Himself as we seek Him 
  • Pray into our ministries: kids, youth, college, young adults, men, women 
  • Pray for our marriages 
  • Pray for our staff and our church leadership 
  • Pray for guests who come, that they would find a spiritual home and faith in Christ 
  • Pray for our missionaries: Russ and Heidi Sims, Trent and Katie Smith, ASELSI, Drew and Mary Caldwell, Nolan and Amber O’Keefe, Jared McKinney, Corrin Shoge, Adam and Megan Leong, Nathan and Lisa Buxman, Joe Belzer, Donnie Berry 

Pray for Our Community 

  • Pray for the poverty, hunger, homelessness in our community 
  • Pray that God will make connections within our community for us 

Re-Dedicating Ourselves to God

As we enter into this new phase of church life in our new building, it is of utmost importance that we enter into this phase with prayer. Prayer is the heartbeat of the Scripture. The New Testament church was launched through prayer (Acts 1), sustained in prayer (Acts 2), and empowered through prayer (Acts 4). This is how God designed it.

We are calling our church into a season of 40 hours of prayer over the week-end of Sept. 10-12. it will start on Friday at 5:00 pm and continue through Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night, concluding at 9:00 am Sunday. We are encouraging us to sign-up for one of hour of prayer (or more if you like) with the goal of having every hour filled. Our praying will take place at the new building in the foyer space.

It is good to stretch ourselves in prayer. If you have never participated on a time of prayer like this, we encourage you to sign up and be a part. We will provide hand-outs to guide us in our time of prayer.

Our theme for this prayer time is: Re-Dedicating Ourselves to God.

Let us look forward to drawing nearer to God as we dedicate this new season, our building, and our lives to the will of God.


  • Date: September 10, 5pm, through September 12, 9am
  • Location: Foyer
  • Registration: Click here to sign up for a slot (you can sign up for multiple slots, too).