Easter Preview

Every Easter we usually sing a few songs that are new to CF to fit with a specific theme for the morning. Some of these songs may become a regular part of worship at CF, but others will not. Even though these songs might not fit the usual criteria for the New Song Blog, I still thought it would be a good idea to give a preview for Easter Sunday without taking away all of the mystery. Hopefully this will not only help the newer songs be more familiar to everyone but also stir in our hearts the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection.

The main idea behind Sunday’s worship time is to focus on how Jesus’ resurrection redeems life and rejoice in all that He has done. I believe the rejoicing part is key. Easter is a day we have much to celebrate, and I believe when we rejoice it helps move the truths from our mind to our heart and bring transformation. I have found that many times I have to let myself rejoice, get excited, or have fun before I actually “get it” or believe how amazing the Good News of Jesus is.

So in the player to the right you should see several of the songs that will be part of the services on Sunday. One of the songs, “Oh Great Love of God,” we sang a couple weeks ago and was the topic for the last New Song Blog post. “Stronger” and “Death in His Grave” are two hymn like songs that highlight how Jesus overcomes the consequences of sin. “Freedom is Here” is a song we haven’t done in a while that portrays the new life in Jesus, and “Tell the World” is a fun song that reminds us how the Good News is something we want to share with others.

There will be more songs than this to celebrate Easter, but I hope you enjoy listening these and are able to join us Sunday morning. I also encourage you to come on Friday for prayer and worship. The Good Friday service will have three ordered themes for prayer, worship, and reflection; and there will be several fresh songs to support the themes.