Donnie and Rebecca Berry, missionaries with Training Leaders International

Missionary Family: Berrys

Donnie and Rebecca Berry are preparing to be sent out from Christian Fellowship as Missionaries with Training Leaders International (TLI). 85% of evangelical churches around the world are led by pastors with no formal theological training. TLI exists to meet this need, strengthening the global church by providing biblical and theological instruction and discipleship to pastors and church leaders in places where there is little or no access to such training.

Donnie will serve as an International Trainer/New Testament Specialist with TLI. TLI currently partners with six schools or training institutes located on four different continents, and Donnie will be traveling to these schools throughout the year to teach and equip pastors. The Berrys will be living in Minneapolis where Training Leaders International is based.

How to Partner with the Berrys

We’d love to tell you more about what we’ll be doing with TLI and how you can be part of our support team. Text or email Donnie to set up a time to meet (in person, on Zoom, or by phone).

Donnie’s cell #: (573) 673-1274

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