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Dnipro Team Sunday worship

Group of young adults playing instruments and singing worship music on stage

Yesterday was Sunday, the best day of the week.

Pastor Michael preached and the worship…Oh the WORSHIP! There was singing and clapping and shouting and praising so uninhibited it was as if the veil between this world and the unseen world became thinner. I’m convinced all of Heaven sang with us.

There was weeping and laughing while some raised hands and others kneeled – no self-consciousness, no embarrassment, no shame.

God set hearts on fire and it’s catching.

Our Ukrainian family prepared a feast of traditional dishes for us before we boarded our train back to Uzhhorod. Pastor Maxim asked everyone who shared in the meal to in turn share how they have been blessed this week. Oh the great things God has done! The words each person spoke blessed us, and we are blessed to know them and to love them.

This trip has changed my life – so much so that I almost wish that my life and my family were here so I wouldn’t need to leave, in spite of the war. I can’t wait to see my Ukrainian family again.

But no matter where we are, we will all praise God together in Heaven one day. Because Jesus is ALIVE. And we are alive!

Sian Tweeddale, Dnipro Team

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