Creative Culture

Creative Culture Paint

Schaefer's Retirement Celebration Exhibit

March 6 - current

The Schaefer's have such an appreciation and respect for the arts. Phil has commissioned numerous pieces over the years which we all still enjoy around both of our campuses, inside and out. In honor and in celebration of that influence and encouragement, the church body was invited to participate in putting together the exhibit which is hanging in the gallery space today. The pinwheel mobile hanging in the lobby, is titled, Blue Skies, and includes personal messages, scripture, and words of encouragement from the congregation. Outside sheep gather, reminding us of the parable of the wandering sheep in the New Testament.

Gallery questions can be directed to Kristin Gadsden, Director of Visual Arts and Culture for Christian Fellowship or Wendy Yelton.

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Experiencing God Through Creativity

We believe creativity is critical to the full expression of God in the world. Our desire is to experience and reflect God as an artistic Creator by connecting, growing, and serving where imagination, faith, and the arts intersect.

In addition to our Creative Culture Group we have an art gallery space in our foyer.