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Call to Artists: Transparency Show

Deadline for submissions is August 6, 2021.

What is Transparency? It conjures ideas of honest communication, scientific technology, and political maneuvering. Could it be the difference between intimacy and isolation, between clarity and confusion, between justice and abuse of power? Is Transparency a window that welcomes light to pass through and illuminate a room? Or an x-ray that detects hidden dangers invisible to the naked eye? The revelation of wrongdoing or the confession of a crime? We invite you to explore transparency and create what ideas it conjures for you. This exhibit will be juried and there are a limited number of hooks.

At Christian Fellowship Church, one of our desires is to cultivate artistic engagement in Columbia. We are committed to creating spaces where friendships with our community can grow through honest conversations about culture and faith. We have designated a gallery space in our new facility for this purpose.

Further questions can be directed to Kristin Gadsden, Director of Visual Arts and Culture for Christian Fellowship or Wendy Yelton.

Experiencing God Through Creativity

We believe creativity is critical to the full expression of God in the world. Our desire is to experience and reflect God as an artistic Creator by connecting, growing, and serving where imagination, faith, and the arts intersect.

In addition to our Creative Culture Group we have an art gallery space in our foyer. This August we will be having our first juried show with prizes awarded. You can learn more about this show in the section below.