Small Groups, Support Groups, and Classes

Connect Through Groups and Classes

We believe that God designed us to grow in relationship with Him in community with others. In groups we share our lives with others, learn to love one another, and help each other grow in relationship with Jesus.

There are different types of groups that you can join so no matter what type of group you are looking for, you can find a place to connect at Christian Fellowship.

We are always in need of people willing to lead short-term groups to create space for people at our church to connect. Click the button below if you are interested in leading a group.

Lead a Group

Ongoing Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of around 8-20 people who gather on an ongoing basis for friendship, support, and spiritual growth. Every group is different, but all are places for you to know others and be known. These groups do not have a specific start or end date.


Short-Term Groups/Classes

Short-term groups meet for a specific time frame to explore a topic or activity. These groups have a start date and an end date. Some are classes built around a Bible study or book while others are recreational gatherings based on an activity or interest. All short-term groups, however, encourage their members in faith and community.


Support Groups

Everyone goes through difficulties and challenges in life and Support Groups are about helping you navigate through some of life’s challenges. These are safe places where you can receive support and connect with others.