A Guide To CCB

Get Involved With Missions at our Christian Church in Columbia, Mo

Ensure You Receive Church Communication

To make sure you receive all communication from CCB, add all communication from the domain ccbchurch.com to your safe senders list in your email provider. Click here for instructions and help for how to do this for various email providers.

CF Online Community Guidelines 

CCB is a powerful tool for building community and including more people in ministry in the church. Please read and follow the CF Online Community Guidelines so everyone has a great experience with the online community.

Logging in to CCB

Below are instructions for several of the most common tasks related to logging in to CCB.

    • Login to CCB

      To login, go to cf.ccbchurch.com or Our CCB Page.

    • Request Access to CCB

      Click Request Username and Password, fill out your details, and submit to receive access to CCB. If the email you use is already in our system, an activation email should arrive in your inbox soon. If your email is not in our records, within a few business days the office should send you an activation email. Make sure to Ensure You Receive Church Communication so the activation email does not go to your junk mail folder.

  • Basic User Walkthrough (https://churchcommunitybuilder.force.com/s/article/People-Reimagined-Basic-User-Guide” target=”_CCB” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Help Article)
  • Forgot Password (Help Article)


Update Your Settings

There are several settings in CCB that you may want to change or verify covered in the follow video. (Help Video)

  1. Change your Password
  2. Change your Communication Preferences (Help Article)

    Make sure to add your mobile number and carrier so group leaders can send important, last minute notifications to the entire group. We also recommend selecting “Send me emails from group participants” which is required for you to receive emails from group leaders.

  3. Change your Privacy Settings (Help Article)

    Share as much information with others as you are comfortable with to help promote community. By default your address, contact phone, and home phone number are visible to other church members. Refer to the community guidelines for how to respect others personal information.

Update Your Profile

  1. Profile Picture

    You may already have a profile picture in the system. If you do want to change it, please use a profile picture that allows other people to quickly recognize you. This greatly helps the online community and the functionality of the teams. You can always add links to your facebook page in your profile to express yourself in other ways.

  2. Profile Information (Help Video)

    CCB allows you to update all your contact information for the church, eliminating the need to for church staff to re-enter information you provide. Keeping all information accurate will greatly help the church staff and ensure we have an up to date church directory.

  3. Email

    CCB allows only 1 email for all communication. There is a custom field to add a second email, but it can only be used with an external email program on an individual email. So use the best email to receive serving reminders/requests and all communication from group leaders and church staff for your main email.

Give through CCB

There are easier and more preferable ways to give other than CCB that can be found here, but if you would like to give through CCB, CCB allows you to give to Christian Fellowship and its ministries by setting up a gift through your bank account or by credit/debit card. This can be done for both one time gifts and recurring gifts.

**Setting up a gift with a bank account is the best way to give. Each credit card transaction gift costs your church an average of 3% per gift. This is $300 per $10,000 given that your church does not receive.**

Manage your Volunteer Schedule

Each group may use different guidelines for how they are going to use the scheduling system, but here are some of the how tos for how the system works. Click here for a tutorial video and helpful hints specific to volunteer schedules.

Note: CCB Schedules are in the process of being updated. If your serving schedule does not look like the one in the video above, please click here for a tutorial video for the new system. 

  1. Blocking out Dates

    Make sure to block out dates when you are going to be out of town or have prior commitments that will not allow you to serve for particular dates.

  2. Set your General Availability

    Remember to set the overall number of times you are willing to serve and the number of times for each group.

  3. Accept or Decline your Assignments

    Make sure to quickly accept or decline your assignments. Note that some teams may expect you to find your own replacement and then inform the team leader when you decline.

  4. Viewing your Assignments

    Once you get to your schedule page, you may want to bookmark the page so it is easy to go directly to your schedule (most browsers have a “Bookmarks” menu with commands to bookmark the current page).

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